December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!

We would like to wish all of you the best this Holiday Season and into the New Year.  We hope that you all take the time to recoup from one crazy, amazing year - we definitely are ;) We will be out of the office starting tomorrow until January 5th to get some beauty rest.

We look forward to what the New Year has to bring, from trade shows to the runway shows of Fashion Week. Needless to say we cannot wait to see what trends will come up in 2015!

Happy Holidays! See you next year!


Manuela and the mbf team

December 18, 2014

MBF Interviews: The First Wearable Tech Brand

When Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz got together, something amazing happened that had never before been seen in the fashion industry. The duo met in 2001 at a research institute and instantly clicked. They both shared a love for fashion, but wanted to think of it in a different way, something that was more exciting.  Not long after in 2004, they started CuteCircuit which became the first wearable tech brand.

We initially noticed CuteCircuit at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where their LED womenswear tuxedo was featured by Mercedes Benz.  When we found out that they would be speaking at Decoded Fashion’s New York Summit, of course we had to take the opportunity to get an interview.

Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz of CuteCircuit, photo via mbf

December 11, 2014

Back to Basics

We are seeing an overall theme in current trends - going back to the basics. You’ve seen it, it’s not just and classic white ADIDAS sneakers and oversizes blazers, its the #NoMakeup, #IWokeUpLikeDis selfies all over Instagram  (which we all know that “no makeup” really means “just some makeup”, but that’s beside the point).

It's all about simplifying your wardrobe, and life overall.  In an age where everything is getting more complicated, going back to the basics seems refreshing. Wearing no makeup instead of the Kim K contour, Birkenstocks instead of sky-high heels, and joggers instead of binding skirts is what it's all about.

Photos via

December 9, 2014

Paul Drish Launches NEW Men's Footwear Line

Last Thursday, the MBF team attended the Paul Drish launch party at their new showroom located in Tribeca.  The venue offered the perfect setting to try on different Paul Drish styles, sip from the scotch bar, and even get an in-house shoeshine. The crowd included menswear bloggers Ian Michael Crumm and Jamal Jackson of Style SocietyGuy Blog along with other fashionable guests.

Photo by Shoot Me Peter

December 4, 2014

Women Taking Control: The Powerful Faces of the Industry Now

There’s no surprise that women have been at the forefront of the fashion industry for decades, but is there room for women to control the power in other industries? Our answer - a strong YES.  We are used to hearing about the Anna Wintours and Eva Chens (who we LOVE) but powerful women in fashion is obvious.  Women are breaking barriers and climbing the ladder in finance, marketing and other traditionally male driven fields. MBF found a group of 5 women doing amazing things in their professions. We have so much to say about these women in power that we had to write 2 blogs to fit them all in. Here’s part one...stay tuned for part 2!

Alex Ostrow, founder of WhyWhisper Collective is creating quite the buzz while working as a strategist and marketer for social impact and innovation. 

Photo via Alexandra Ostrow

November 25, 2014

DECODED Fashion: the infusion of technology with design

Once a month, MBF invites a guest blogger to TrendTalk, giving our readers a fresh new voice to hear. This month, our friend Natalie Kathleen, founder of Sienna Ray leather goods and Creative Director of Natalie Kathleen, attended Decoded Fashion's New York Summit to report on what she saw and heard...

Photo via Decoded Fashion

I prefer to proudly file my preference for dabbling across multiple business disciplines under maintaining balance rather than accepting a seat in the audience of jack of all trades and master of none. 

This perspective, however, just may have been disrupted. 

November 20, 2014

Rebecca Minkoff promises you the best shopping experience ever

When we think about going shopping, especially in NYC, we first get really excited to buy new things to put in my ever-growing closet. Then, reality hits and the thought of waiting in a huge line for a tiny fitting room with bad lighting to try on an outfit just to find out that it doesn’t even fit makes me want to crawl in bed and shop online. 

At Decoded Fashion’s New York Summit, we learned about how one company in particular is changing our love-hate relationship with fitting rooms into an interactive experience that will make us want to never leave the store. Rebecca Minkoff, the leading millennial lifestyle brand partnered with Ebay to bring New York City the most tech savvy fashion retail space we have every seen.  

Rebecca Minkoff with her interactive dressing room, Photo via Fast Company

November 13, 2014

Flowergraphy: When pictures and drawings get together to write a beautiful story

Two passionate friends who met on the internet see flowers, music, photography and drawings as perfect ingredients to create one of the most successful and inspiring projects we've seen lately on Instagram. In Aflorigrafia (TheFlowergraphy), photographs meet drawings in such a beautiful way that got us wondering when we will be able to buy framed prints of the pictures to decorate our offices, living rooms and bedrooms. In only two months of existence the page has already attracted almost 1,500 followers.

Picture via AFlorigrafia

November 6, 2014

TAHAANGA has launched on Kickstarter!

As avid trend followers, we are quick to catch on to the latest trends. Athletic wear is huge right now in womenswear, on and off the runway. Menswear seems to be slower to catch on but, TAHAANGA, a new menswear line is ahead of the curve on this trend and we want to tell you all about them!

October 30, 2014

A New Face of Convenience

The sharing economy seems to be a hot topic as of late especially with all the controversial buzz over companies like Uber and Airbnb. Right now, we are seeing a major cultural shift towards lending, borrowing, and working together within the community to tap into underused resources. New business models and entrepreneurial causes are working to change how we live, work, and play, by keeping things personalized, sustainable, transparent, and making the economy work in our favor.

video via Share Better

October 28, 2014

Fashion Interconnected - A Summit on Wearables & Retail Innovation

The best of fashion and tech are coming together for DecodedFashion’s upcoming Summit taking place in our very own NYC. As you know, MBF is a huge fan of anything that combines fashion and technology, so naturally we are really excited to blog about this upcoming event.

Photo via Decoded Fashion

October 23, 2014

The Very Best of Instagram

Whether you're an avid fashion follower, looking for some inspiration, or just appreciate a nice use of filters, here are our top picks for the coolest Instagrams you need to be following right now!

photo via Cara Delevingne

October 14, 2014

CAT Pop-Up shop

Last week, the MBF team had the opportunity to visit CAT footwear’s first ever pop up shop in the US.  CAT, a Timberland meets Doc Martens footwear company based out of Illinois, has come a long way from their original business plan of making earthmoving equipment, machinery and engines.

Their latest SS15 collection shown on the corner of Lexington and 47th displayed durable but stylish footwear that seems to be in key with trends seen all over the runways. CAT’s combat boots, sneakers and work boots for both men and women hit the androgynous trend perfectly.

Photo via MBF Trend Consulting

In the shop one could see the full-blown Fall/Winter14 collection while we got a sneak preview of SS15. CAT presented their collection in a series of 4 segments.  8 models stood on pedestals dressed in clothing from various vendors including Top Shop, Levi’s, and NastyGal for each of the 4 presentations.  The styling was a fantastic reflecting of where CAT fits in the market, talking very much to the millenniums. The models as a whole carried a very laid-back vibe, sporting relaxed clothing, sunglasses and even dancing to the music while joking with the crowd. Because of the relaxed presentation, we could walk up closely to see evey detail of the shows – which was great!

October 9, 2014

Menswear is Conquering the Fashion Industry

In the past, menswear has been known for playing it safe in terms of fashion, keeping to the same basic trends as it has been showing for years and years. The best runway shows were saved for womenswear while menswear shows displayed little change from season to season – but this has all changed for the better, in our opinion. Here’s an update about what’s happening in the menswear market, and we love it!

Men’s clothing is now way more creative with more design. Nowadays, men are much more willing to experiment with fashion and try new things. Men love it, and it is reflecting in sales.  Total sales in menswear grew by 5% while womenswear only grew 4% this past year, according to NDP Group. Dolce and Gabanna, Jimmy Choo, and Holt Renfrew Co. Ltd. are just a few retailers taking notice of this trend by opening up spaces specifically designed for men only. Dolce & Gabanna recently opened its flagship Men’s boutique in London (seen below) with the presentation of its newest Men’s Tailoring Collection.

Dolce & Gabanna London Flagship store

October 7, 2014

It's Game Time on MBF TrendTalk!

We were challenged by Fanatics to create an outfit for a game day using their beautiful NFL Jerseys. We are really flattered and we accepted the challenge!

We start explaining our shirt choice. As good New Yorkers, we couldn't choose nothing less than a NY Giants shirt, and this specific one because of the color scheme. We chose this from the men's section, to get that boyfriend's shirt kinda feeling.

October 2, 2014

MBF Profiles: Amanda Parkes

A few weeks ago, we attended Manufacture New York's 2nd Anniversary Party and had the pleasure of speaking to the Chief of Technology and Research, Amanda Parkes. With over 10 years of experience in wearable technology as a Fashion Technologist and Biomedia Designer, Amanda and her team at Manufacture New York are making revolutionary breakthroughs for emerging designers in the fashion industry.

photo via Peter Roessler

September 25, 2014

Zero Power Smart Fashion Conference

During Fashion Week, we attended the Zero Power Smart Fashion Conference, which showcased the latest advancements in the fields of fashion and technology. Located at The Gallery of Metropolitan Pavilion in the Flatiron District, the conference was designed to help merge the two growing sectors and allow specialists in these areas to connect from both the US and throughout Europe. Over 20 speakers ranging from professors of technology to textile designers to healthcare professionals and beyond presented at the event, which was hosted by top universities EPFL and ETH Zurich in cooperation with Swissnex Boston, an organization devoted to connecting Switzerland and North America in the areas of science, education, and art.

September 23, 2014

In Vogue Now

According to Carrie Bradshaw, one of the biggest fictional fashion icons of all time, “Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future... this is known as Fashion Week." Although the shows ended two weeks ago, it is still in our minds (and hearts). While the catwalks were showing us what is going to be in trend for the next spring/summer, outside the tents, captivating ensembles of girls and guys from across the industry showed us what is in vogue now.

September 18, 2014

Fashion Week Part 2

Welcome back for part two of our NYFW wrap up! Today we'll cover the rest of our Fashion Week circuit and continue to introduce you to more must-know emerging labels hitting the New York fashion scene this season.

photo via Peter Roessler

September 16, 2014

Fashion Week Part 1

We have been busy bees at MBF covering event after event during New York Fashion Week, from off-site venues to the tents at Lincoln Center. To name a few, we covered Nolcha Fashion Week, the Angola International Fashion Show, the Snowman Runway Presentation, and even went inside the tents to see Custo Barcelona hit the catwalk. We also attended off-site events such as Manufacturer New York’s Second Anniversary Bash, the Refinery29 Country Club, and Christian Siriano’s fragrance launch party.

At 17 and self-taught, the Houston based designer Amir Taghi made his debut at New York Fashion Week this season with a collection inspired by fierce women chasing after their dreams. He name dropped icons like Bianca Jagger, who was known for her signature low cut suits that were the perfect combination of sexy and elegant. Overall, his designs reflect his Persian background and emit an unapologetic sense of sophisticated luxury which is so consistent with the chic southern style he surrounds himself with.

photo via Carrie Hammer

Carrie Hammer creates customized business dresses for the modern woman and what better way to empower her collection than to have real life professionals strutting down the catwalk? Replacing runway models with role models, Carrie is making a major statement by equating beauty with success. Held at The Fashion Law Institute, this year's diverse lineup included the likes of top female executives from Shoppable, The, Amazon, Intuit, Fast Company, Apple, and both Geena Rocero a transgender model as well as Karen Crespo, a quadruple amputee who walked the runway for the first time with her new limbs. 

We came across the swimwear line Feelo'je at the Angola International Fashion Show who's tropical palette and Caribbean vibes brought together a striking collection of bold bikinis inspired by the sunset. The designer Janay, who officially launched her label at age 17, came up with the name Feelo'je to pay homage to her hometown and merge it with her "feel" for fashion.

Another noteworthy designer at the Angola Fashion Show was Lucrecia Moreira who blends African, European and American cultures into one cohesive line. This collection in particular was inspired by the Mao collar but reinterpreted and applied to dresses of varying lengths and cuts.

NAMM also known as "New Age of Money Makers" is a cool menswear label that draws inspiration from modern art, architecture, and represents a team of ambitious 20-something Millennials. Shown at Manufacturer New York, designer Ron Wallace is working as the first incubator for the new initiative, which has really helped mature his aesthetic and grow as a designer. The collection is credited for it's fine tune details and is looking to expand to a bigger show and larger venue next year, possibly even in Paris.

Portuguese designer Katty Xiomara who is known for her graphic themes, strayed a bit from last season's geometrics and color blocking, and introduced a focus on the structure behind the geometrics. Shown at Nolcha Fashion Week, the clothing had a lighter, softer, more transparent take for summer and with the label's popularity quickly gaining momentum, she's definitely one to keep an eye on!

Also spotted at the independent fashion show Nolcha was the contemporary lifestyle brand, Charles & Ron. The self-taught couple created the collection by transforming photographs from their capital city of Malta into a captivating display of prints. Overall, the brand is deeply rooted in their Maltese culture and truly symbolizes the spirit of the Mediterranean. 

photo via Refinery29

This season Refinery29 really made a splash at NYFW and introduced their interactive Country Club pop-up concept down on Mercer Street in SoHo. Here fashionistas were able to take a break from all the Fashion Week madness and enjoy snacks and refreshments as well as a nine-hole mini golf experience inspired by different designers like Suno and Marc Jacobs.

photo via Refinery29

Refinery29 also teamed up with Lord and Taylor to present The New Class of Designers showcase called Brand Assembly. Together, they produced a runway show featuring advanced contemporary designers which included the likes of Sachin + Babi, Priority Ten, and Calla. Right now these up and coming labels are available to shop at the Brand Assembly concept shop both online and at the Fifth Avenue flagship.

And lastly one of our favorite Fashion Week events was the Cara x Mulberry Scavenger Hunt. With the help of Refinery29, about 30 girls were stationed throughout the city on bikes giving away custom totes filled with keys. Out of all these giveaways, only three lucky keys, each at one Mulberry location across New York, were actually able to unlock the padlocks holding a handbag from Cara's new Mulberry collection. One of our team members was able to track down the Refinery29 girls and get a key, but unfortunately it did not unlock the case holding the handbag turned backpack. However, it was definitely some good old fashionable fun!

Please check our Facebook and Instagram for great street style pics from all these events during New York Fashion Week.

This is part one, stay tuned to part 2 to be posted soon!

September 11, 2014

The Green Juice Generation

If you haven’t noticed yet (or already joined in on the craze), the heart of New York has become increasingly health conscious over the past few years with a tremendous amount of juice stores, healthy cafes, and organic markets sprouting up across the 5 boroughs. These places are usually filled with what we now call The Green Juice Generation, people aged 18 to 40, who live and breathe all things active, healthy, and organic.

photo via BostInno

Motivated by the desire to stay fit and looking good, the GJG have enlisted in new fitness trends such as Crossfit, Ballet fitness, Beyonce themed dance classes and different styles of Yoga as an alternative to traditional crowded gym centers. Not to mention, at the most recent IDEA World Fitness Conference in California, there are some even more challenging workouts just on the verge of making it big like TRX suspension training, BollyX dance classes, and K9 Fit Clubs fit for both you and your pup.

photo via Juice Press

For one, this new movement is definitely changing the face of dieting with juicing health regimes being the new thing to do. With such a high demand for detox and juice cleansing, businesses like Juice Press now even offer in-store, home or work delivery of kits with specific instructions on how to diet the right way using their products. Juicing places are everywhere right now, and among the long list of juice and smoothy varieties, they also offer organic, gluten free and/or dairy free food options.

Speaking of food, the Green Juice Generation’s go-to ingredients have quickly become superfoods like Kale, Chia, and a plethora of exotic nuts and berries. This health food obsession all goes back to the rise of Millennials who vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets are changing the face of food and making it synonyms with a sense of community.

photo via Vogue UK

Looking across the Atlantic at London, supper clubs are revamping the city's dining structure with places like Honestly Healthy, Tanya's Cafe, and  The Camberwell Kitchen Supper Club giving this health craze an upgraded elite social status. These supper clubs offer guests the chance to enjoy a rather extensive menu of raw foods, live music, and superfood infused cocktails while in an intimate setting of both familiar and new faces.

photo via Bustle

Fashion Week may be over in New York, but with three more cities to go, we thought we'd leave you with a few healthy snacks that will keep you on-the-go glamourous no matter where you are and what you're doing so check them out here. Also, make sure to stay tuned for next week's Fashion Week Roundup!

September 5, 2014

MBF's DIY Hacks

With the Fall shows kicking off today and cooler temperatures just around the corner, we thought we'd get in the groove by highlighting our favorite, most fashionable DIYs of the season.

photo via Mr.Kate

Before we get started, whether you're a beginner or arts and crafts fiend, there are some essential supplies that every DIYer needs. According to the famed DIY Queen, Kate Albrecht of Mr. Kate, a basic kit should include the likes of adhesives, fabric paint, paint brushes, glitter, spray paint primer and spray paint, x-acto knife, hole punch, twine, wire, needles and thread, painters tape, pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, sharpies, pencils, erasers, and of course a good pair of scissors. Not only will these tools help as you begin to experiment with various projects, but they can easily be picked up at your local craft store in one go. So now that that's covered, let's get creative!

photo via Fall for DIY

Sweater weather is almost here and everybody needs warm, cozy layers to kickstart Fall. However, this year it's time to upgrade those beloved wooly knits with some pom pom pizzaz. All you need is some mini pom poms, a needle and thread, and of course a comfy sweater fancying a bit of a fashion upgrade.

photo via Honestly WTF

Nail art is super hot right now and since we aren't all gifted with a steady hand, we'd like to introduce you to nail striping tape. It's easy, affordable (a mere $2), and gives you flawless looking designs by simply sticking it on your nails and adding a top coat. However, if you're feeling a bit more brave, this tape is perfect to mask off geometric shapes and create color blocked patterns as well.

photo via Miss Kris

Sometimes a girl just needs some subtle bling in her life. So why not take two of your favorite things and combine them into one for the ultimate style upgrade? Jeweled clutches are the perfect way to add some glamour to any look, especially when it's coming from one of your favorite sparkly necklaces. For the how to tutorial, click here.

photo via A Beautiful Mess

If you haven't jumped on the logo bandwagon yet maybe it's because you just haven't found a slogan that says something about who you are. Once you figure out what you want to say, plaster it onto one of your favorite tees or sweatshirts using either iron on transfers or glitz it on with sequins. Not only is it a super easy trick, but a great gift to tell someone how you really feel!

photo via ISPYDIY

Denim has become more than a staple in our wardrobes as of late, and with distressing pretty much everywhere right now, we'd thought we'd learn to do it ourselves. While this project can be tedious at times, once you get the hang of it, you'll go on a distressing frenzy on all the denim in your closet. If you're willing to give it a try, follow I SPY DIY's tutorial and we promise you won't be sorry!

video via Mr. Kate

We don't know about you, but we are still super sneaker crazed and after wearing our favorite kicks all summer, it may be time to make a new statement for Fall. So why not update your everyday sneaks with a cool snakeskin print in a color of your choice? Or if prints aren't really your thing, you can always add some studs and spikes to give those old runners some fresh edge!

Stay tuned for our Fashion Week coverage from the New York shows next week and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to until then!

September 2, 2014

AMP3 Press Day

Last week we had the pleasure of attending AMP3 PR's Press Day, featuring five amazing brands to watch out for this fall. Sponsored by Zico Coconut Water, Energems chocolate energy, Pretzel Crisps, and Probelle nail polish, the showcase was full of good vibes, trendy clothing, and highlighted Fall 2014 collections from Bela Criacao, Citizen Ciao, SNOWMAN New York, NOMAD by Tess Johnson, and Cat Footwear.

With a love affair for the bright and colorful, Bela Criacao is a South American brand designed for curvy shapes and offers key transitional pieces that women can wear from the office to an evening out. In Portuguese, the label literally means "beautiful creations," and is made right here in Manhattan. Focusing on fit, fabric, quality, and construction, Bela Criacao presented their Holiday 2014 and Spring 2015 lines, which both embody seamlessly sexy and confident staples essential to any woman's wardrobe. Currently, the fashion label is available online via their website as well as at a few select boutiques across the country.

Citizen Ciao is a new cutting-edge streetwear brand for both men and women whose mission is to give back to people around the world. Inspired by Southern California surf culture, this multicultural lifestyle label infuses an urban attitude with eye-catching graphics and donates part of its profits to the organization Project Hope Alliance, which aims to end the cycle of poverty through education and family stability. The name, Citizen Ciao, was born from the idea that people should be respectful of one another and say Hello and Goodbye to each other, which is what "Ciao" translates to in Italian. Their tagline, "the new surf," reflects their desire to remain inline with surfing culture but mix it up with floral, stripe, and text designs. To check out more of the label, click here.

The NYC based outerwear company, SNOWMAN New York is known for their signature high quality, light-weight down jackets. By keeping what makes New Yorkers "tick" in mind, the label reflects the vibrancy and energy of New York with their Fall/Winter collection inspired specifically by 42nd Street. For Spring, their range will include trench coats and rain jackets in a lighter range of vibrant yellows, purples, oranges, and blues. Right now you can shop them online or across the city at Equinox shops. 

August 18, 2014

Gone Fishing Until Fashion Week...

but don't worry, we'll be back soon! 
There are exciting things coming this Fall!

Until then, we'd like to wish you all a happy and relaxing summer!

Your MBF Team

August 13, 2014

But First, Let’s Talk About The #Selfie

Just one second with your phone facing you is all you need to take a selfie. And we're pretty sure you've done that at least once in your life. No judgements. We've all taken selfies, no matter how anonymous or famous we are. Selfies have taken the world’s centre stage, especially in the last 2 years. It was even nominated as “the word of the year” in 2013. What was once a way to take pictures on your own or with friends, has now evolved to one of the most popular and profitable activities of the year. Not to mention, our selfie and social media obsession has become a current theme for songs, ads and TV shows.

photo via Daily Mail

The Kardashians, Rihanna, Princes Harry and William, Justin Bieber, Cara Delevigne, your 9 year old cousin who just got a smartphone… Every day we are overwhelmingly bombarded by a plethora of self-portraits on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This incredible phenomenon intrigued Photographer Jenna Garrett to create a project called The Public Profile Of An American Girl, a collection of 5,000 “Public” selfies she collected on Facebook. The project is now an installation at Aperture Foundation's Summer Open, in New York, and discloses the behaviour of the young generation of American girls.

video via The Chainsmokers

And it doesn't stop there. Our selfie fever has permeated into TV, music and other media outlets like the Chainsmokers’ song #Selfie. The song was released in the beginning of this year and is a controversial satire of our self-portrait and Instagram addiction. By dividing the audience into lovers and haters, #Selfie mocks the way girls are constantly obsessed with likes, filters and all the other quirks that social media platforms, such as Instagram, offer.

photo via Mashable

Also mocking narcissism and social media addiction, the upcoming ABC TV series, Selfie, plans to teach us that it is possible to connect with people even when you are “offline." The comedy tells the story of Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan), a girl who is too busy updating her “263,000 followers” to have a real life or make friends until she decides to ask for help from her marketing pal, Henry (John Cho).

photo via NBC News

So how much is a selfie worth? The answer is: it depends on who is in the picture. In the case of the above photo, besides being taken during the Oscars, the quantity of global movie stars in it made history with over 779,295 retweets in half and hour and one of the best marketing strategies to date. The picture was worth $1 Billion, which far surpasses what is usually spent on a commercial during the award ceremony. And there’s a logical reason for that: the selfie has reached more than 45 million views, which is far greater than what ads usually reach because for most people, social media is more trustworthy than paid advertisements.

photo via Buzzfeed

The cultural phenomenon of the selfie exposes a very basic human desire to feel noticed, appreciated and recognized. However, there’s a big discussion about whether it has become a bit excessive. Known as the Selfie Queen, Kim Kardashian makes us question how far the selfie obsession has gone. And now, she is publishing her first book, named “Selfish," next spring. The 352-page book is a collection of Kardashian’s best self-portrait shots, and so far it has already provoked negative opinions in hundreds of people.

Although selfies are criticized by many people because of their narcissistic character, for some, this is a major source of recognition and appreciation. Large media vehicles and companies have decided to invest tons of money into "the selfie," which is a fast and efficient way to attract customers’ attention. It seems that this trend is not going to fade anytime soon so feel free to keep taking your selfies without any shame.

August 7, 2014

NY Trade Show Roundup Fall/Winter 2015-16

The close of July is considered one of the busiest times of the year as the industry gets color, fabric, and print frenzied over all the trade shows happening across town. So if you didn't get to make it to Premiére Vision, Indigo, or Texworld, we've got all the latest must-know innovations so you can keep up to date with what's happening in the market.

photo via Lamar

Held at a new, spacious location at Pier 92, Premiére Vision was our first stop and a bit off the beaten path, but totally worth the trek. While the Trend Forum was smaller than previous years, the layout of the show was much more organic and created a flow from accessories to the Forum, to vendors, and finally Indigo. The Trend Forum confirmed our key color predictions for F/W 2015-16 with blues, oranges, and darker tones prevailing across the spectrum. Here, we came across Lamar, who exclusively produces the technical fabrics "Nilit Heat," lining that captures body heat and insulates as well as "Nilit Breeze," which is used for windbreakers.

While Indigo mimicked many of the same themes we saw at PV, a fresh set of textile companies graced the roster. The first, Camilla Frances Prints is based in London and newbies to the Indigo scene, but definitely offered an unforgettable selection of designs from blurred florals to ethnic tapestry prints to galactic, landscapes, and graphics. With most of their collection placed on darker grounds and in more complex placements, botanicals, floral and geometric combos, and black and white prints were in the most demand.

Located at a booth featuring independent designers, we were introduced to Silvia Maria, a Brazilian design studio that showcased at Indigo for the first time as well. Through an intense mix of colors inspired by Brazilian life, the collection included a plethora of lively prints, mixed patterns of animal and florals, and overlapping designs. One of her prints was even chosen to be included in Indigo's website gallery of wallpapers and is available for download here.

We've already updated you about our discussion at TexworldUSA so now it's time to tell you about the most relevant trends exhibited at their Trend Forum. Overall, there was an abundance of texture, shimmer, sparkle, cutouts, and of course embossing. Shimmery yarns created a tapestry-like sensation in conjunction with iridescent details, sequins, and glittery bouclé. Navy took center stage on its own as well as in various combinations with nudes and yellows. However, the main focus resided in performance fabrics like scuba materials.

photo via Hyperbola

It seems like everyone is after fabrics that offer the newest technology, which is why we have to highlight the forward thinking company, Hyperbola. With a focus on outerwear, Hyperbola combines fashion and function that can fit into everyone's lifestyle. While they currently work with major retailers like Puma and Zara, they feel the merging of fashion and function hasn't necessarily trickled across from athletic wear. The Taiwan based company has already won awards for their 100% performance wool ski jacket which is almost identical to a classy tuxedo jacket. This jacket is not only stylish and lightweight, but waterproof, breathable, highly durable, water repellent, windproof, and super warm.

So what's our forecast for F/W 2015-16? Color palettes will shift towards a blue story ranging from icy to dusty to midnight hues with hints of teal. On the fabric front, it's all about performance features and technology so expect scuba-like materials to stick around. 3D effects were prevalent as in embossed textures, pleating and lace. Double faced fabrics as in sportswear inspired synthetic performance fabrics combined with traditional wool.Shimmer and sparkly embellishments are also keen to pop up, but mostly in yarn form for both knits and wovens. Digital prints, geometrics, and diffused floral patterns with dark backgrounds will be everywhere, proving spring themes can easily translate into fall fashion. Overall, we are looking at a growing relationship between fashion and function and a way to not only merge the two, but create clothing that can handle practically anything. 
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