November 6, 2014

TAHAANGA has launched on Kickstarter!

As avid trend followers, we are quick to catch on to the latest trends. Athletic wear is huge right now in womenswear, on and off the runway. Menswear seems to be slower to catch on but, TAHAANGA, a new menswear line is ahead of the curve on this trend and we want to tell you all about them!

TAHAANGA, who has just launched today on Kickstarter, is a menswear line that combines fashion with the latest in textile technology. TAHAANGA shirts allow guys to bike to work, attend board meetings, and celebrate with cocktails without ever breaking a sweat!

TAHAANGA will launch its first product, a tailored fit men's dress shirt in blue. TAHAANGA shirts are not only the fastest drying shirts on Earth, but are also beautiful, performance-focused, and sustainable. They are proudly developed in the pulse of NYC, and manufactured with heritage in Italy.

Please view their Kickstarter campaign here to see what TAHAANGA is all about and to support.

Follow @TAHAANGA on social media and use the hashtag #ISupportTAHAANGA for the duration of their Kickstarter campaign.

1 comment:

  1. Would love to see a wool version of this shirt.


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