December 9, 2014

Paul Drish Launches NEW Men's Footwear Line

Last Thursday, the MBF team attended the Paul Drish launch party at their new showroom located in Tribeca.  The venue offered the perfect setting to try on different Paul Drish styles, sip from the scotch bar, and even get an in-house shoeshine. The crowd included menswear bloggers Ian Michael Crumm and Jamal Jackson of Style SocietyGuy Blog along with other fashionable guests.

Photo by Shoot Me Peter
Co-founder, Arveena Ahuwalia mingled with her guests during the party. We were able to get a quick interview from her about her brand philosophy and where it all began. Here’s just a little of what she had to say about her new line.

Arveena, Co-Founder of Paul Drish
Photo by Shoot Me Peter
MF: “Where did all of this get started?”

AA: "It all started when I fractured my foot 2 years ago, I was on bed rest for 2 months and after I recovered I couldn’t walk properly. So, I was talking to my uncle, who is the owner of Drish and makes our shoes, and he made the most beautiful pair of shoes that were so comfortable but stylish to help me get back on my feet…Working in banking, I was surrounded by male colleagues, who constantly kept complaining about their foot issues and they were shocked when I was walking again without pain. So, they said, “Arveena, can you make me a pair of shoes. We are always on our feet and we have to wear these awful dress shoes.” So I spoke to my uncle, we started a company - Paul Drish, and that’s how it came about."

“...The beauty of all this is that when I started working in cooperate America, I always wanted to eventually start my own company - because I wanted to make a difference and this is the ideal company because of the way it came together. But also, we make a difference in the way that people are walking because of how comfortable our shoes are."

MF: “Where do you see yourself positioned in the luxury market?”

AA: :We do look at ourselves as a luxury brand, but we do not see ourselves as a luxury brand which most people can’t afford. Because we are truly vertically integrated, we don’t compromise on quality, but we pass on the savings to our customers."

We look forward to seeing what is next for Paul Drish! Learn more about the brand here.

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