July 20, 2010

July MBF Favorite Picks

We can't believe it's already mid July! Our video report from Berlin's Premium and The Key.To show is in the works and almost ready. But until then, we're back with our MBF Monthly Picks!

This time around we have been focusing on the growing market of eco-conscious innovations as well as art and design that are non-profit or for a social cause. Here at MBF, we are all about doing good for the Earth and for others, so take a look, be inspired, and see what amazing things people are doing. Maybe even you can get involved, too!

photo via: FIGS
With every purchase, FIGS gives a uniform to a needy African child in order for them to attend school. Promoting the "buy one, give one" effort, the California-based tie maker sells a wide variety of neckwear  with a vision of helping poverty-stricken communities around the globe. Currently, they are supporting 105 schools in Kenya and Tanzania. (Click here for more.)

photo via: NY Times
July 7th was a day to be remembered for those behind the plane, Solar Impulse. A solar-powered experimental airplane completed its first test flight of a little over 26 hours, taking off from Payerne, and landing in Bern, Switzerland. With 12,000 solar panels absorbing energy, the entire trip was flown without using any fuel or causing pollution. (Click here for more.)

Kopernik is an online marketplace connecting innovative technologies and poor communities. From their website, anyone can browse the proposals submitted by technology seekers and choose one to donate towards. Once sufficient funds have been raised, Kopernik transfers the cost of product and shipping to the technology provider. The technology provider ships the product to the technology seekers. The technology seeker reports on how the technology is being used. Reports and updates are posted on the Kopernik website. (Click here to read about their success stories.)

photo via: Favela Painting 
Transforming the slums of Rio de Janeiro through community-driven art murals, the Favela Painting project beautifies space with a splash of color and design, while also incorporating training and employment for local residents. Favela is organized by artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. (Click here for more info and their latest updates!)

photo via: Inhabitat
Samsung India recently launched the world's first solar powered mobile phone, the "Solar Guru" Samsung Guru E1107, in the Indian market. Users can charge the battery anywhere the sun is shining, providing 5-10 minutes of talk-time with one-hour of solar charging. Samsung claims that the battery can attain full power with about 40 hours of solar charging. (Click here for more.)

photo via: Nature Bag
The Nature Bag is homemade in Laos by the Khmu, an indigenous people of Northern Laos. The knowledge and skill used in its craftsmanship rest exclusively with the Khmu ethnic group, and these bags are essential to their survival. Made from wild growing Jungle Vine (tropical kudzu), they are durable, biodegradable, and fashionable! (Click here for more.)

photo via: NY Times
It's lights out for incandescents at Ikea! Beginning August 1, the Swedish retailer will no longer stock incandescent light bulbs in all of its North American stores, hoping to eliminate them entirely by January 1, 2011. As a better alternative, Ikea plans to introduce a halogen bulb that fits in a standard light socket later this fall.

Video via: Vimeo DASRA-(3) Mirakle Couriers 
Founded by a former investment banker, Mirakle Courier is a social business service provider that hires only deaf workers in India. Although it is one of the largest deaf populations in the world, deafness is a disability that has largely been ignored in India. Mirake Courier offers a pickup and delivery service in Mumbai, with clients including Johnson Controls, Bain Capital, and the Indian Hotels Company. (Read their blog here.)

July 8, 2010

mbf TrendTalk iPhone App

Click to download!

For the past few weeks, we've been busily working away on a little project and it's finally complete! So without further delay, we are excited to announce the launch of our first, ever iPhone application: mbf TrendTalk on the Go! Be up-to-speed on our latest blog updates wherever you are, directly from your iPhone. The app is easily downloadable from the iTunes store and we would love to hear what you think!

Reporting Live: World Cup Fashion Craze

There are only a few moments in life when it is socially acceptable to be wearing a flag as a dress, a soccer ball as a hat accessory, or painted stripes on your face. Yes, the World Cup brings out some crazy fashion moments as people all over the world get creative in order to support and represent their country. 

One of our MBF members was fortunate enough to go to South Africa and has sent us some photos for us to share. Whether it is at the World Cup stadium or the shopping malls, it's clear that there is only one thing on everyone's mind: FIFA World Cup 2010!

As it has now come down to the final two (Spain and the Netherlands) competing for first place, who are you rooting for?!

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