July 7, 2008

Bo van Melskens (Berlin/Copenhagen)

Storytelling designer Sarah Elbo has left behind her first womenswear line, Sarah Heartbo, to start a new label named for her imaginary best friend: the elegant, adventurous Bo van Melskens. Now based out of Berlin, the Denmark native has created a whole back story for the character that includes an online diary, video, and lush photo backdrops -- not to mention the clothes themselves, a collection of very grown-up cocktail dresses in silver and black.

Via GenArt

Hubert (Copenhagen)

The fourth collection from designer Rikke Hubert features solid colors, candy stripes, and a bold approach to silhouette that encompasses short, wide dresses and baggy harem pants - typically unflattering shapes for only the most daring of fashionistas. Citing the influences of compatriots Jens Laugesen and Stine Goya, Hubert injects a bit of drama into day clothes that will slip easily into a nightclub.

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