October 7, 2014

It's Game Time on MBF TrendTalk!

We were challenged by Fanatics to create an outfit for a game day using their beautiful NFL Jerseys. We are really flattered and we accepted the challenge!

We start explaining our shirt choice. As good New Yorkers, we couldn't choose nothing less than a NY Giants shirt, and this specific one because of the color scheme. We chose this from the men's section, to get that boyfriend's shirt kinda feeling.

We decided to combine it with a floral pencil mid skirt, that adds femininity to the look. And for the accessories we decided to mix heavy chains to delicate ear cuffs, chunky heels and a beanie (because hello, it's fall!). The touches of gold are what really does the trick for this outfit!

Now we want to challenge our fellow brand TAHAANGA. We are curious to see what ideas they're coming up with for the guys!!

Don't forget to check out Fanatics' website. They have the best selection of jerseys that will get you ready to root for your favorite team!

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