July 29, 2014

MBF At TexworldUSA Roundup

You may remember us mentioning that our Creative Director, Manuela Fassbender, was invited to participate in Lenzing's Innovation Seminar Series at TexworldUSA last week. Manuela hosted and moderated a discussion entitled “The Future is now: New Games and New Rules," with a panel that included top leaders in the industry: Maxine Bédat, Co-founder of Zady, Liz Bacelar, Founder and CEO of Decoded Fashion, and Julia Straus VP of Partnerships and Business Development at BaubleBar. Held at the Javits Center along Manhattan’s Hudson River, the discussion addressed the major drivers in today's apparel industry and how to gain market share. We had an outstanding attendance and very thought-provoking conversations, so here are some highlights:

Maxine Bédat, Co-founder of Zady and expert in conscious consumerism, explained how consumers want to know more about their clothing. According to Maxine, conscious consumerism started in the food business and trickled down into fashion. She described today's consumers as the “Wholefoods Generation” with an awakened curiosity towards what our food and clothing is made of. Consumers are obsessed with plus factors – Made in the USA, 100% organic cotton, and so on, and businesses should take advantage of that. When it comes to fashion, we need to help consumers define what sustainability is.

Liz Bacelar, founder and CEO of Decoded Fashion connected and educated us on the merging of two very different players, fashion and technology. She examined how fashion is slow moving when it comes to technology, because there are little investors in pricey fashion/tech collaborations such as 3-D printing for personalized bracelets. She states that there is a major demand for fashion designers to team up with tech firms to beautify wearable technology in the luxury market. Liz gave us an example of Google maps working with a couture jacket where the wearer places their phone in their pocket, and the jacket vibrates based on the direction that Google wants you to go. Needless to say, the entire audience wants that jacket!

Julia Straus, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at BaubleBar focused on the play between Fortune 500 and startups. Julia told us how Nordstrom recognized BaubleBar after their 50-day pop-up shop in NYC drew in major crowds and now they are available on the upscale department chain's website as well as in 35 Nordstrom locations. Deemed guest bartenders, the fashion jewelry mecca now collaborates with influencers, personalities, and editors who lend an eye in designing an upcoming collection. The latest collaboration is BaubleBar x Frends, a full product line of Bauble Bling headphones that come with a complimentary pair of earrings. Wearable technology is one of the hottest markets right now and a partnership between Fortune 500 companies and startups can do wonders for both parties by combining the fresh and innovative with that of the more established and experienced.

While gaining market share is more challenging than ever, being able to analyze what drives the market from conscious consumerism, to fashion/tech partnerships, to alliances with startups and Fortune 500 companies will help to seal a spot in the industry.

To learn more about these influential women, read our Seminar Announcement
here. And to check out our full MBF Portfolio, please click here.

July 23, 2014

MBF Profiles: Joseph Huba, Co-Founder of Bikestock

What happens when you take a love for biking in NYC and translate it into 24/7 self-service kiosks? Basically, you get an urban cyclists go to, or Bikestock, vending machine repair hubs that supply everything from organic chocolate to tool kits, air for your tires, and branded cycling products. Joseph Huba is not only the Co-Founder of Bikestock, but a biking enthusiast himself and through his experiences as a bike messenger in Brooklyn, knows first hand the importance of being able to stay on the move no matter the time of day.

photo via Bikestock

MBF: Tell us about your background, the concept of a vending machine that sells tools, snacks and other essentials and how it came about? What drove the concept?

Joseph Huba: I'm from a small town outside of Washington, DC and went to college at the University of Maryland, College Park. I studied Sociology while I was in school and coincidentally my business partner Matt studied Anthropology. The idea of selling bike parts and other small items out of a vending machine is not a new concept but it's certainly not happening on the level that we envision in New York City. Matt (co-founder) heard about bike parts vending machines in other parts of the country and came up to me one day and said “We should put bike parts in vending machines and get them all over New York City.” I needed no more convincing once I let the idea soak in. It made total sense because I was working as a messenger at the time and cannot tell you how many times I needed a bike parts vending machine and bike repair after hours. Essentially Bikestock was born out of frustration.

MBF: Why is it so important to keep people in movement? What is your mission?

JH: Our mission is to empower and encourage people to be more active. Being active helps you live a happier and healthier life and cycling is such a good way to do just that.

MBF: Besides the vending machines, you also have a pop up store and personalized tool kits. Can you tell us more about them? Were they part of the initial project?

JH: The pop up store was just a temporary collab with Urban Outfitters. They gave us the opportunity to establish a small retail shop and sell bigger items that don't normally fit into a vending machine. And the tool kit was an idea I came up with when we were spinning our wheels trying to get a location for a vending machine. The tool kit kept us from giving up and abandoning the idea all together. Neither were part of the initial project...they just happened organically.

MBF: How did you guys meet? What connects you? Is it the passion for biking and/or your lifestyle?

JH: Matt and I met while working at a restaurant/bar called Calexico in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Matt had just moved out here from the West Coast and I was already living in Brooklyn when he moved here. We had similar interests and tons of mutual friends. And Calexico in its early stages was a really tight knit restaurant; everyone was friends and everyone hung out after work.

photo via Bikestock

MBF: Your logo is really cool. Tell us about the logo.

JH: I don't know what to say about it other than our designer (www.davidwhitepond.com) did a great job giving us an identity. We showed him a ton of stuff we liked and didn't like and trusted him to come up with something for us. He hit a grand slam and we're thankful for the top notch branding every day!

MBF: Bikestock Kiosks have been picked up by Urban Outfitters, a fortune 500 company. What are the pros and cons? Can you talk a bit more about the partnership? And how did they find you?

JH: One of their higher ups saw our machine in Bushwick and e-mailed us about getting us in their stores. That's how we got in touch with them. The list of pro's goes on forever. Overall it's just a fantastic opportunity to test out a business in their market.

MBF: What is your biggest challenge? Where are your current locations?

JH: The biggest challenge is finding more 24 hour locations. Our current locations are at 49 Bogart in Bushwick and 1333 Broadway (35th and Broadway) in Manhattan.

MBF: Are you looking to do other partnerships with other venues? What is your criteria?

JH: We are working on a few things right now. We just want our future locations to be accessible 24 hours a day.

MBF: Are you aware of any competitors? If so, how do you think it affects your business?

JH: We are aware of our competitors and they affect our business positively because more people get to see 'bike parts vending machines', even if they don't say Bikestock. It's nice to see other people providing a wonderful service in a city that is full of so many cyclists.

photo via Bikestock

MBF: What are the key recommendations you would suggest for start up companies?

JH: Formulate your idea and get it on paper, then write a business plan, and don't give up.

MBF: Where will Bikestock go next?

JH: Who knows what the future holds for us....!

MBF: Our MBF Profiles close out with the following questionnaire – in the footsteps of Proust's Questionnaire and American TV show host James Lipton's "10 Questions."

MBF: Your favorite swear word?

JH: Fuck.

MBF: Your least favorite word?

JH: No.

MBF: Your favorite word?

JH: Yes.

MBF: What turns you on?

JH: Hardwork.

MBF: And of course, what turns you off?

JH: Laziness.

MBF: What sound do you love?

JH: The sound of an empty forest.

MBF: If you could pick any profession – what might you be?

JH: Pro Skateboarder.

MBF: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

JH: The west coast.

MBF: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

JH: I'm not sure youre supposed to be here...

July 17, 2014

MBF at Texworld USA

A few weeks ago, we announced that we are hosting a panel discussion at the upcoming Texworld USA, The Future Is Now: New Games And New Rules. Joined by experts Maxine Bédat Co-founder of Zady, Liz Bacelar Founder CEO of Decoded Fashion, and Julia Straus VP, Partnerships and Business Development at BaubleBar, we will cover the topics of conscious consumerism, fashion and technology, and the evolution of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

photo via Texworld USA

So please check out the full seminar schedule here and be sure to join us on July 24th at 12:30pm. To stay in the-know look for  #MBFxTexworldUSA and make sure to follow our guest speakers:

July 10, 2014

The Fashion Curve

The plus size clothing sector is seeing some serious growth as of late. While traditional plus size specialty stores like Evans and Lane Bryant have been around for almost a century, most of the current boom can be credited to cutting edge retailers like Modcloth, ASOS, and Forever 21 who have expanded their offerings to include a more diverse size range. This market shift suggests that no matter what a customer's shape or size is, they still demand clothing that is on trend and makes them look and feel good.

photo via Buzzfeed

Modcloth, which has doubled the size of its plus size business since June 2013, recently hired Paradigm Sample to conduct a survey concluding that more US women wear a size 16 than 0, 2, and 4 combined. According to an article from the Associated Press, "The average American woman is about 25 pounds heavier than she was in 1960. Yet women's plus size clothing, generally defined as size 14 and up, still makes up only 9 percent of the $190 billion spent annually on clothes." This is major and explains why overall sales on plus size apparel has increased by about 5% and over a billion dollars from just last year, with most of that coming from the baby boomer generation.

photo via Refinery29

The popular and super trendy Aussie plus size brand, City Chic is coming to the US with six new stores openings in California. Kicking off on August 1st, the first will open its doors in Culver City with the rest launching throughout the end of September. Currently they ship internationally and are available at select Nordstrom stores as well as online, but their official brick and mortar entrance into the US will mark a major accomplishment for the specialty plus sized retailer.

photo via Nicolette Mason

However, it doesn't end at retail. Today we have magazines like Full Blossom as well as a plethora of famed blogs like GabiFresh, Girl With Curves, and Nicolette Mason aimed to fight stereotypes and inspire women to embrace their bodies. Not to mention, full figured fashion has spread across mainstream media sites like Refinery29 and Marie Claire pinpointing key trends, fashion tips, and advice articles. These companies are finally opening their eyes to reality and understanding their audience goes beyond sizes 0-12.

photo via Huffington Post

If you remember correctly, Rick Owens made fashion history almost a year ago when he replaced traditional models with a step dance team, whom were of a variety of shapes, sizes, and races. Then in February during London Fashion Week the second annual British Plus-Size Fashion Weekend (BPSFW) launched as well, which is specifically aimed towards size 14 and up. While the event is not actually affiliated with LFW, it is a huge leap for promoting positive body image and the beauty of diversity.

photo via Redbook Mag

Despite, things are still trickier in regards to the luxury market with very few high-end brands designing for above size 14. Actress Melissa McCarthy caused some controversy during an interview in June's issue of Redbook over her troubles finding a gown to wear to the Oscars explaining, "I couldn't find anyone to do a dress for me." And now due to her first hand struggles as well as her background in clothing and textiles, she's collaborating on her very own line called Pearl to help fuller sized women feel good about themselves.

While the high-end market may have some catching up to do, there's no getting around the potential of plus size apparel. With the help of technology and the internet, full figured women finally have access to brands that sell clothing fit for their body types without having to sacrifice their style in the process. As mid-market retailers continue to make it a priority, we will see more brands expand size selections, support diverse body types, drop stereotypes, and most importantly, challenge the current pressures of the fashion industry to reflect what real women look like.

June 27, 2014

Summer Break

It’s finally the moment we all have been waiting for: Summertime! And one of the most important holidays of the year, Independence Day (a.k.a 4th of July) is also nearing in just one short week. Therefore, the MBF Team is taking a week off to enjoy this wonderful warm weather, to soak up the sun, and seek more inspiration to bring to you, but we couldn’t leave without saying goodbye! We will miss having our Trend Talk next week, but we’ll be back with much more energy for the next one.

Enjoy the summer, stripe it, print it, color it, and have fun!! See you all soon!

June 25, 2014

Fashionable Incentives

In January at Invista, we spoke of how performance fabrics are crucial to the fashion industry as well as what all the present athletic hype is about. Just a few months later and activewear has made some significant leaps specifically concerning wearable technology and how we apply these innovations to our high energy lifestyles. It's all about getting healthy and fit, causing sports apparel to be fully integrated into our entire wardrobes.

photo via WWD

We're seeing so many unexpected brands branch out into activewear. Urban Outfitters has unveiled an in-house apparel and accessories line called Without Walls and Net-A-Porter looks to introduce a new department featuring brands that target yoga, running, and spin classes. Aimed at customers 18 to 28, Without Walls indulges in edgy designs, bright colours and vibrant patterns to be anything but basic workout gear. Currently allocated in more high-profile stores throughout New York, California, and the cities of Portland and Seattle, these casual in-store shops combine UO's new collection with a variety of other third party labels both big and small, including the likes of Vans, Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, Onzie, and Newline, among many others.

photo via fashionista.com

Also with fitness on the brain, Betsey Johnson has launched a fall collection inspired by performance focused pieces including high-stretch nylon spandex leggings, moisture wicking t's and heat sustaining fleece lined jackets. The designer hopes to "liven up other people's workout routines" with fishnet details, jacquard patterns, open exposures, peplum shapes, piping, and bows. The new line will be available at Nordstrom, Macy's, and Betsey's website later this year.

photo via Quartz

Then there is Gap who is directing it's current strategy towards the art of soft dressing. Already deeming fitness oriented clothing "the new denim," CEO Glenn Murphy has decided to move Gap Body's athletic wear straight to the front of store. With the success of Athleta blowing Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Gap sales out of the water, Murphy explained how so many of us are not just working out in our comfy sweatpants and yoga pants, but wearing them throughout the day to run errands, work from home, and even commute to work in. Hence, the success of Lululemon and all the fuss about looking fashion friendly while working out.

photo via WWD

Sending warning signals to all retailers, Amazon has embarked on the wearable technology movement. Just this spring, the online powerhouse debuted a wearable technology focused storefront promoting things like fitness and wellness trackers, smart watches, health care devices, and wearable cameras. John Nemeth, the director of wireless and mobile electronics at Amazon, foresees rapid expansion of this category which includes brands like Jawbone, GoPro, Polar, Garmin, and Nike.

photo via Naked Sports Gear

Summer is upon us and lucky for you, founders Reilly Star and Katie Sue Nicklos have perfected a range of sun-friendly apparel. Made in NYC of moisture wicking, tan through fabrics, Naked Sports Gear is a collection of sports bras, shirts and tanks that erase the fate of tan lines forever.

If it's not obvious yet, fashion and fitness pretty much go hand in hand and with athletic wear being classified just as essential to our wardrobes as denim, this is just likely the beginning. In the early 2000's the leggings fad surged and since then we've only grown to adopt more casual pieces into our everyday attire. Not to mention, we've already seen the shift among high and low brands like H&M, Uniqlo, Forever 21, and Lululemon 's sportswear pieces to Chanel and Dior sneakers and Tory Burch who will launch a line in 2015. With denim being the only category that has grown remotely similar to activewear, it will be interesting to see if it has the same long lasting success as the premium denim market. 

video via springwise.com

Today we'd like to leave you with this inspiring video explaining a new revolutionary concept initiated by the Alfa-Bank in Russia granting higher interest rates based on how much you exercise. It's trendy to be fit and just as important to look it as well. Right now, with such a spotlight on being healthy and so many companies getting active, will you? 

June 19, 2014

Street Game Social

Almost every detail of our lives is digitally documented via the present media crazed society we live in. Looking at fashion alone, we archive the entire process from a single thread to end user. Our social media accounts and blogs are personal diaries of what we wear and how we spend our time. And that is why, street style has become just as important as any runway show, fashion event, awards show, or movie premiere.

photo via I Am Galla

With an overwhelming amount of people deemed "IT" girls or landing "Ones to Watch" lists, bloggers, designers, models, photographers, and stylists, have made an entire living from having a strong online presence. And its not just women, but men as well, who have established an entirely new creative outlet and given a fresh perspective to the way we view the fashion scene. However, as blogging becomes more common and less authentic, has it reached its peak in the fashion cycle?

photo via WWD

Forget people becoming famous on reality TV because today it's all about how many followers you have online. And for some, these followers are turning into major dollar signs. By charging anywhere from $5-15K for appearances, brand promotion, collaborations, and advertising, top tier bloggers are making more than $1 million annually.

photo via NY Times

Then there are those that are taking a slightly more creative approach to sculpting an entire lifestyle around Instagram, which has proven to drive the most traffic, engagement, and overall sales compared to any other platform. Meet David Krugman, a 26 year old photo retoucher who now collaborates with several noteworthy cultural institutions in NY, including the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art, to build their Instagram profiles. In exchange for VIP access and free of charge, Krugman acts as a Consultant for NY's libraries and museums by adding an innovative touch to their accounts as well as helping them gain followers and promote events. As his fame and following grows (he has nearly 50,000 Instagram followers), he has been invited to assist other buzzworthy establishments like Esquire magazine and The National Gallery of Art in Washington and it's probably just the beginning.

Meanwhile, with so much focus on what we are wearing to fashion events, some argue that we've lost the "street" in street style. There's a difference between Bill Cunningham's legendary photos capturing real clothing and today's overflow of excessively styled looks characterizing the season's top trends. What was once impromptu, has become just as constructed as any runway show now that everyone from editors to models to ordinary people preen and pose ready to be photographed.

As for fashion labels, it's all about seeding product to someone cool with an influential following and so much less about the actual art of dress. Now that the ultimate road to exposure has been established, brands from high to low are striving to get a pretty face snapped wearing their products and if they are lucky a tag or shout-out. Which is why we have coined the term "street style bait," or key items from each season that grab the attention of photographers like Valentino's studded pumps or Givenchy printed tees.

That's why we love sites like The SartorialistChinatown Sartorialist and Humans of New York who capture spontaneous shots of pedestrian fashion at its finest. These are the "real" street style photographers that are bringing things back to the basics by telling people's stories through a picture.

Blogging in general in no longer organic, especially now that everyone is doing it. However, the one thing that leading bloggers and street style stars have, is a business mindset to reinvent themselves and turn their blogs into lifestyles. With just as much influence as any A list celeb, some have even evolved their brand names to include clothing and accessory lines, book launches, speaking tours, and journalism. And these are the social media gurus at the forefront of the industry that will continue to thrive under any circumstances. 

June 12, 2014

High Tech, High Progress ; New Capabilities

They say it's all about the accessories and right now, the tech world is taking this fashion motto to an entirely new level. From your standard extras to everyday gadgets, it's time to augment reality with wearables that not only scream style but functionality and inventiveness.

photo via ecouterre

With 3D printing all over the news, Nike has revealed the first three-dimensionally printed performance bag. Entitled the "Rebento," and made exclusively for soccer stars Neymar Jr., Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo for the FIFA World Cup, only three copies were produced. The highly customized duffel is made of a flexible flyknit material and comes with a laser-sintered nylon base, leather top, and custom gold hardware engraved with each player's name.

photo via Recode

What if you could actually wear all your ingenious filtered Instagram snaps? Adidas recently announced that they will be launching an app allowing owners of ZX Flux shoes to create patterns based on photos from the visually-focused mobile platform. The "miadidas" photo print app is expected to hit iPhones and Androids this August and represents the capabilities of customization as well as the merging of online and offline worlds.

photo via ecouterre

The future is looking quite fashionable for Google Glass with the help of the iconic fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg. Together, the two have designed five new frames and eight new shades available online starting June 23rd. The collection, "DVF Made for Glass," will retail at both Google and Net-a-Porter, where it will be sold as a $1700 prepackaged set that "includes Glass, a DVF optical frame, a sunglass style, a mono earbud and a case."

photo via ecouterre

We've got some great news for all you bike enthusiasts out there with the launch of a new folding helmet called "Morpher." You can now ride safer, easier, and without the hassle of carrying around a bulky helmet all day long. This revolutionary technology is made of the same materials as any standard one, but can fold to a mere thickness of 1.4 inches and perfect for packing into any handbag.

photo via springwise.com

Australia's Tzukuri has developed a handmade, solar-powered sunglass range so you'll never lose your sunnies again. These frames come in six different designs, three sizes, and contain a tiny chip and solar charger that connects to your iPhone via bluetooth. If you happen to leave a pair behind, the app sends you notifications until you're up to 15m away and incase you make it farther, it secures the last location you had them on a map.

video via techradar

It's pretty clear that in today's day and age our phones have become essential accessories in our day to day lives, with most of us practically suffering separation anxiety when parted from our flashy touchscreens. Samsung, Google, HTC, iPhone, and soon enough, Amazon will be launching their very own smartphone. While many rumors have surfaced concerning the device's specs, budget price point, and innovative 3D features, nothing has yet to be confirmed. Amazon has scheduled a launch event of some kind for June 18 and we're crossing our fingers that a prototype of the phone will finally be released.

video via Ashraf's Artwork

To wrap things up, check out this really cool, inspiring video with a visionary take on the future of high tech fashion.

June 5, 2014

Brazil's Fashion Kickoff

With the FIFA World Cup set to kickoff one week from today, much like the rest of the world, the fashion industry's got Brazil on the brain. Everyone from Forever 21 to Valentino has released soccer themed limited edition products in light of one of the world's most anticipated sporting events of 2014. Amidst all the buzz, we'd like to highlight the coolest, most innovative fashion collaborations and events surrounding the diverse culture of soccer-crazed Brazil.

photo via Freshness

If anyone knows how to do sportswear with style, it's Adidas Originals. This time, collaborating with native Brazilian brand, Farm, the two have joined forces to pay tribute to this year's World Cup destination of choice by combining their signature traits. Adidas' trademark three-striped garments are complimented with the lively flora and fauna prints of Farm, to produce an energetic collection of tank tops, track suits, bags, and sneakers inspired by the local indigenious plant life of Brazil.

photo via Fashion One

Puma's got their eye on the ball as well with the launch of a sneaker collection with the creative direction of the lovely, Solange Knowles. The collaboration, "Girls of Blaze Disc Collection," includes four versions of Puma's Disc Blaze shoe, designed by up and coming designers and photographed and styled by Solange herself. The shoe line was released exclusively at Opening Ceremony and is now available at Rime, Revolve, American Rag, Fred Segal, and Nordstrom.

photo via Complex

To give the World Cup games a fashionable twist, Yoox.com has teamed up with Sepp magazine to create a range of neat sweaters supporting various international designers' home countries. The 10 piece collection, #YooxSoccerCouture is available now and has enlisted the likes of Duro Olowu of Nigeria for Africa, Damir Doma for Germany,  Ksubi for Australia, MSGM for Italy, Juun.J for Korea, Masha Ma for China, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Spain, Ami for France, Barbara Casasola for Brazil, and of course the beloved Opening Ceremony for the USA.

If you are in/or around the NYC area this July make sure to stop by Brasil Summerfest held at various locations around the city. The weeklong festival is the largest music and arts event outside of Brazil, focusing on the country's vibrant culture by showcasing traditional to contemporary styles of music, art, and film.

video via Shakira

So to get you in the spirit, today we'll leave you with this year's favored World Cup anthem by the Colombian pop artist, Shakira. Enjoy!

May 29, 2014

MBF Announcements

Recently our Creative Director, Manuela Fassbender was asked to guest write an article for 4fashionadvice.com on eco-fashion. She chose to focus on conscious consumerism by examining how our changing lifestyles and the growing demand for transparency and social responsibility coincide. To learn more about which companies are leading the sustainability movement and to read the full article, click here.

photo via Texworld

In other news, we are happy to officially announce that MBF will be hosting a panel discussion at the upcoming Texworld USA. Entitled The Future Is Now: New Games And New Rules, we will be evaluating how new drivers are impacting the fashion industry and gaining market share is more challenging than ever. Guest speakers include Maxine Bédat Co-founder of Zady, Liz Bacelar Founder CEO of Decoded Fashion, and Julia Straus VP, Partnerships and Business Development  at BaubleBar.

photo via zady.com

We first introduced you to Maxine when we interviewed her last December. However, her continued dedication and growing success makes her an excellent example of how one should approach sustainability. As the Co-Founder of Zady.com, Maxine has set out to recreate the world of retail by connecting people, nourishing the demand for authenticity and sustainability, and bringing back the slow-fashion movement for coming generations. Not to mention, she's got a background in international law and advocacy which led her to work in Africa and consequently inspired the launch of The Bootstrap Project, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping artisans in the developing world.

photo via Julie Straus

If you haven't noticed, Baublebar is everywhere right now, and it's not just a by-product of their affordable statement jewelry. At the forefront of e-commerce brands who's strategy is to cut out the middleman, Baublebar has enrolled the help of Julie Straus to handle the company's global digital and offline partnerships. With previous experience leading PopSugar Media's direct e-commerce and an MBA from Harvard, Julie is equipped with the know-how for running both a brick and mortar business and a virtual one.

photo via Liz Bacelar

Decoded Fashion is a global event series that connects the top tech founders and decision-makers in the fields of fashion, beauty, and retail. As the Founder and CEO, Liz Bacelar has a well-rounded background in communications and as an Emmy-nominated network TV producer. Her familiarity with the fashion and technology worlds has led her to host a variety of events that reach over 7,000 executives, entrepreneurs, and investors in more than 12 countries via summits, expos, pitch competitions, hackathons, newsletters, mentorship sessions, and networking events.

These women are leaders in the fashion industry and with the help of their expertise, we will cover the topics of conscious consumerism, fashion and technology, and the evolution of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. We invite you to join us on Thursday, July 24th at 12:30PM at Texworld USA. Be sure to check out the full seminar schedule and we look forward to seeing you there! 
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