January 27, 2015

Women Taking Control: Part Two

Back in December, we posted part 1 of this blog (link here) interviewing 2 women breaking barriers in their perspective industries. We spoke with 3 more women doing the same in media, banking, and fashion. These women are such an inspiration to us and we hope that you also get inspired!

Jamie Divenere, Project Manager of Viacom, is working to make the music group’s library completely digital.  Viacom, who consists of MTV, VH1, CMT and Logo has a content library of thousands of physical production, master, and audio tapes. Jamie is creating a self-service digital library that allows these tapes to be accessed digitally which saves the company time, space, and money.

Photo via Sarma Ozols

January 22, 2015

Guest Blogger: Natalie Kathleen on "Business Glamping"

One of our favorite guest bloggers, Natalie Kathleen, founder of Sienna Ray leather goods and Creative Director of Natalie Kathleen, is back on mbf TrendTalk with her insight on the newest trend we call "Business Glamping."

Disclaimer: I've written this via iPad propped up in the corner of Chelsea Market on the way home from spin class, after a late night in front of the laptop LCD, following a day running around based out of a client’s West Broadway WeWork office…

In complete contrast to my organized self requiring a detailed weekly schedule, the adventurous soul behind the business smiles with joy to act out the daylight hours as a workplace nomad. This ultimate gratitude is shared by many that leave the 9-5, or NYC 8-10 lifestyle in order to own the control on “Where shall I set up camp to get this brilliant business moving and shaking?” question.

January 15, 2015

MBF Interviews: Amy Puliafito from Misfit Wearables

Last week, the CEA hosted the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, exhibiting the newest innovations in electronics. One event that caught our attention was WebMD’s FashionWare Show displaying the latest in wearables. Among smart watches and LED lit garments, we noticed a familiar device in the show from Misfit Wearables

We first took notice of Misfit at Decoded Fashion 2014 New York Summit, and have been following the company since.  Misfit’s latest line is a collaboration with the well-known jewelry house, Swarovski.  Misfit and Swarovski designed a collection of jewelry that effortlessly combines the functionality of the Misfit Shine with the beauty of Sworavski pieces, blurring the lines between fashion and technology. The collection includes a variety of pendents, wristbands and bracelets set to be released this Spring.

Swarovski Shine Activity Tracker
Photo via Misfit

January 8, 2015

New Year, New Career

2015 is here and you all probably took a hard look at the last year and thought, "Where is my career going?” So, we did a little research on what the hottest jobs in 2015 will be and came up with some advice for those seeking to advance their professional lives.

There’s no surprise that the fastest growing jobs are in technology. In particular, jobs in software and app development.  Who doesn’t want to be the founder of the next Uber or Instagram? We looked up some up-and-coming apps and found a few that we can’t wait to download. Workflow was one app that caught our attention. Basically, you can get directions, tweet, send messages and even make animated GIFs in one app.  Sounds pretty cool to us.  Another app, called Storehouse, allows you to create and share stories, basically a combination of all your social media sites into one app. Check out their website here

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