November 13, 2014

Flowergraphy: When pictures and drawings get together to write a beautiful story

Two passionate friends who met on the internet see flowers, music, photography and drawings as perfect ingredients to create one of the most successful and inspiring projects we've seen lately on Instagram. In Aflorigrafia (TheFlowergraphy), photographs meet drawings in such a beautiful way that got us wondering when we will be able to buy framed prints of the pictures to decorate our offices, living rooms and bedrooms. In only two months of existence the page has already attracted almost 1,500 followers.

Picture via AFlorigrafia

First things first, let's introduce the two brains — and hearts— behind the project: 

Pictures via Natalia Viana and Rafaela Melo

Natalia Viana and Rafaela Melo are both Brazilians, passionate about flowers and huge fans of each other's work. Natalia is a fashion designer, former fashion entrepreneur and a photographer. The girl from the state of Para ran her own brand Quiquiriqui for six years. She's currently living in the State of Sao Paulo, looking for new adventures and taking pictures of all the cutest things she finds. Rafaela is an illustrator and designer, who lives in the state of Pernambuco, and she also ran her own brand called Oh Ceus!

Picture via Aflorigrafia

The two girls met on the internet a couple of years ago. Since then, they have shared so many things in common. And the fact that they live far away from each other was never a reason to stop them from working together.

Picture via Aflorigrafia

Coloring the world with flowers:

After a hiatus in her drawings, Rafaela decided to start again based on inspiration she found in flowers. That's when she came across Natalia's pictures on Instagram, which were on the same vibe, portraying flowers all around. A text message from Rafaela to Natalia was enough to get the ball rolling.

They told us how they manage to work together living so far apart - "Natalia send me the pictures and I draw something inspired by them, or vice versa. The illustrations don't come from a specific reference, but music is also one of my inspirations" says Rafaela.

Good job, girls! Thanks for inspiring us with your work!

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  1. Brilante idea! Amazing this article!! Congratulation MBF!


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