February 19, 2015

Inside Fashion Week

Our favorite week of the season is sadly coming to an end. New York Fashion Week, which is finishing up today, was full of amazing shows, events, and parties. 

Fashion Week for us started out at Nolcha Fashion Week’s Fashion Lounge on February 12 at Foga de Chao. The event showed emerging talents from independent fashion brands such as Solo Gel Nails, The Haute House Design Studio and Eva Shaw Jewelry. The event acted as a platform to meet new designers and network with industry professionals.

Nolcha Fashion Lounge at Fago de Chao
Photo Marko Krunik

Custo Barcelona was our next stop at New York Fashion Week.  This event is particularly close to our hearts this year, as it is the last time that Fashion Week will be held at Lincoln Center.  Custo showed us their Fall/Winter 2015 line of menswear and womenswear. Custo is known for mixing vibrant patterns and this season showed no exception to the rule. Plaids, geometrics, and patchwork furs were prevalent in the show as well as loose silhouettes to go with the updated 70’s vibe.

Custo Barcelona FW15 Runway Show
Photo via MBF Trend

On Sunday, February 15th, we attended Nolcha Fashion Week. Nolcha Fashion Week is always a huge favorite of ours, bringing us in contact with talented up-and-coming designers from around the world.  This year, the event was held at Pier 59 Studios, a multimedia complex and photography facility.  Returning designer Katty Xiomara held an individual show, introducing her Fall/Winter 2015 collection. We also were attended her show last season and the amount of growth between seasons is truly amazing to see from an up-and-coming designer. This season, the show was named "Re-Evolution" was all about feminine masculinity, evolving from a soft take on a military uniform. 

Katty Xiomara FW15 Runway Show
Photo via MBF Trend

A collective show followed featuring three new designers, Prieston, Ann Himsel, and Danny Nguyen. NYFW first-timer, Ann Himsel caught her attention with her minimalist/androgynous take on womenswear. She calls it "Menswear high end tailored clothing but made to fit women." We asked Ann about how far she went to incorporate menswear in her collection...

Ann Himsel FW15 Runway Show
Photo via MBF
MF: “We heard that you used men’s CAT boots in your collection. Tell us about that.”

AH: “I didn’t have to have a men’s boot, but I thought a boot would be great, and then I came     across [CAT’s] boots and I didn’t like – well, I was drawn to the men’s boots because they were very clean, and to the point, and simple, and to the point – its what I wanted. With the women’s like they put stuff on  it, but the mens was so perfect. So, we got those boots instead. We love them and they look great with the collection.”

Prieston, designed by Naga Noémi, is also a newcomer to Nolcha Fashion Week. The established Hungarian designer was inspired this season by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" There is an obvious connection between the film and the visual aspects of her most recent collection with her use of feathers, crystal elements, and  the hand painted bird motif seen in the collection. 

Prieston FW15 Runway Show
Photo via Nolcha Fashion Week

MF: "How would you describe your design aesthetic?"

NN: "Oh, its not an easy question.  She is designing for strong women, for urban women who are very busy, they have their own life, they have their own careers, and family as well and they try to advance everything still have fun, dress fun and experience good fashion. And stay pretty!"

Overall, we saw a 70’s inspiration in terms of fabrics and even silhouettes.  A big change is coming for NYFW, from venue to the addition of menswear. We cannot wait to see what next season had to bring, and where the biggest shows will take place. Until next year!

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