February 5, 2015

#Selfie Makeover

With fashion week coming up, we want to look our best – not just with what we are wearing but our hair, makeup, and even nails. We compiled our top 3 favorite beauty apps complete with reviews. 

If you love taking selfies, Visada is the app for you. It’s a personalized beauty consultation designed around your selfie. Upload your picture into the app and explore different makeup options. Our favorite part of the app is the Pinterest-esque layout of the main page. You can explore celebrity looks, beauty products, and and makeup tricks from top makeup artists.

Review: I was really excited about this app before I even tried it.  After testing it out, I was surprised at how usable the app was. Not only does the app suggest beauty products, but also allows you to explore how different makeup ideas will look on your face, and then sends you to a video link showing you step-by-step how to get the look.

Check out my selfie transformation. 

If Visada is the Pinterest of beauty apps, Lifebooker is the Groupon.  Discover beauty, health and fitness services, book appointments, and get the best deals in your area. 

Review: This app is great for New York girls on a budget. A blow out alone can cost upwards of $50 - getting a great discount is always needed.  The downside of this app – be careful to check out reviews before you book and appointment – some places need to offer a discount because of bad reviews. Make sure you read the fine print as well, there may be some exclusions to popular services and projects and time limits to use your deal. But overall, there are great deals to be had! Plus, it’s a free app.

Nail Snaps is another really cool app that allows you to take your favorite photo and make them into art for your nails. Upload any photo, place the design however you want them to appear on your nails and then they will send your personalized nail stickers directly to you. 

Review: The plus side is that you can be as creative as you want. Take your Instagram, vsco, or any other photos from your phone and transform them into nail designs. Its also less expensive than a manicure. My design totaled $19 for 20 stickers – so if I do not mess up while applying my designs, I could get two manicures out of it. The downside, nail stickers sometimes need clipping before you apply them and are sometimes difficult to put on. But, overall we really like the idea!

These are just a few of our favorite beauty apps out now. Try these out and let us know what you think!

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