January 8, 2015

New Year, New Career

2015 is here and you all probably took a hard look at the last year and thought, "Where is my career going?” So, we did a little research on what the hottest jobs in 2015 will be and came up with some advice for those seeking to advance their professional lives.

There’s no surprise that the fastest growing jobs are in technology. In particular, jobs in software and app development.  Who doesn’t want to be the founder of the next Uber or Instagram? We looked up some up-and-coming apps and found a few that we can’t wait to download. Workflow was one app that caught our attention. Basically, you can get directions, tweet, send messages and even make animated GIFs in one app.  Sounds pretty cool to us.  Another app, called Storehouse, allows you to create and share stories, basically a combination of all your social media sites into one app. Check out their website here

Web development is the highest growing job market with a 17% increase from 2010-2014 – which is huge! With the growth in ecommerce, and basically everything moving to the web, there is a high demand for people that know how to build, edit, and maintain a beautiful webpage. Even the smallest of businesses have websites now, so there is always work for a web developer.

Careers in marketing are also growing. Marketing executives take advantage of promotional channels like web, tv, radio, and print to get their product out there, analyze competitors marketing strategies, and develop and maintaining their own marketing plan.  The huge growth in this career field is probably due to companies moving toward web based marketing instead of using print advertisement.

While making this list, there was an obvious trend - technology. If you are looking to work in the tech field, your future looks beyond bright. 

Here’s to 2015! Get out there and do something new with your life!

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