March 5, 2015

Blurred Gender Lines

Have you ever played dress up in your boyfriends closet and thought maybe you look better in his clothes than he does. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one. Top designers like Gucci, Rick Owens and Raf Simons are borrowing styles classic seen in menswear and moving them into womenswear, and vice versa.

Gucci, Rick Owens, Houghton, & Raf Simons FW15
Photos via

Gender Neutral clothing a huge trend we noticed over the past few weeks while stalking the recent Fashion Weeks. The blurred line between feminine and masculine has you questioning, “Is this womenswear or menswear?”

A recent show that we attended during New York Fashion Week was emerging designer, Ann Himsel. She caught our attention at Nolcha Fashion Week, which took place at Pier 59 Studios on the east side of Manhattan.  In her collection, An incorporated tailored blazers, pressed pants and even went as far as to use men’s boots for models to walk down the runway in. We caught up with Ann after her show to ask her a little more about how menswear influenced her collection.

Ann Himsel FW15
Photo via Nolcha Fashion Week

MF: “We noticed a big menswear inspiration in your collection, where is that all initiating?”

AH: “Well, it originated from having two older brothers, and I’ve always been drawn to menswear even I was in high school, I’d always make menswear influenced –making pinstriped pants, and so I decided I’d always take things from my husband’s closet – but, I didn’t quite like the fit, maybe it would be an oversized shirt, but I’d just wish the shoulder was maybe right here (pointing to her shoulder). And I always liked menswear – so simple colors – black, and heather greys and blues. I never wanted ruffles – and just having a busy life, I have a son, I live in New York City, and so I just want very tailored, nice beautiful clothing, so I’m taking some of those elements from menswear with the colors and the fabrics, and being very well made and putting that into womenswear, but having it fit a woman.”

MF: “Do you see your brand making a move into menswear?”

AH: “Down the road, if there are man wanting it, we will make it, but I don’t see that for at lest 4 years.  This is my first collection and my focus is on the women right now. “

On the flip side, designers are showing us how womenswear can influence menswear collections. Gucci was a hugely anticipated show during Milan Fashion Week, and for all the right reasons.  Men wearing chiffon bows and women wearing tailored coats and slacks left us asking, “Is this a guy or girl?” as each model walked down the runway. Take a peek here.

Gucci FW15, Photos via

Keep posted on where this trend will go next. Androgyny has obviously hit womenswear already, but are we going to be seeing guys street style taking the same turn? We will see!

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