December 5, 2013

A Bit of Holiday Magic

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday over, our eyes can fully concentrate on the holidays! What marketing campaigns are launching this season to lure consumers into stores, both online and off?  As more and more shoppers shift their focus to cyber shopping, social media is becoming the strongest marketing tool to date. So let's have a look at what is going on in the retail industry as 2013 draws to a close.

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Retailers aren't sure which approach to take for their holiday initiatives so instead they are doing it all. Sales start sooner, run longer and an array of promotions from discounts to free shipping to same day deliveries and giveaways are all being heavily marketed. Consumer expectations are high and competition among stores is becoming even more cut throat. It's not only about a good sale, but one that is also convenient, innovative, and offers some type of curated experience. Hence why retailers like Etsy, Zady, and Toms have found such success with their specialized gifting guides.

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While things heat up between Apple and Microsoft, Google will be taking a different approach by opening "Winter Wonderlabs" in six US cities this season. These showroom style pop-ups feature cutting-edge products like Nexus 7 tablets, Chromebook computers, and even a life-size interactive snow globe.

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In today's age there's nearly an app for everything and there's no denying how savy and personalized they're getting by the second. Ever dream of diamonds? Well with De Beers new in store iPad app, customers can now design their dream ring. To make it as realistic as possible, over 2,000 carats can be viewed in slow motion, compared, and shared to help find your perfect finger candy.

photo via WWD

The results are in and Americans are increasingly shopping products made right here in the US. Studies show that 44% of all gift givers are dedicated to this domestic mentality, with many being men and between the ages of 56-70. From Brooks Brothers to startups like Old School Shirt Makers, these are the companies dedicated to giving their customers the Made in the USA they now demand. Even Walmart will be promoting and selling locally made holiday gifts (with the exclusion of apparel) and in an effort to encourage US manufacturing and increase jobs, the super giant plans to purchase over $50 billion more domestic products over the next ten years.

In the spirit of Made In The USA, Save the Garment Center Initiative has launched a holiday promotion in conjunction with Caravan Stylist Studio where a select 40 designers will create ornaments and dreidels to decorate the holiday tree in the lobby of the Carlton Hotel. With the likes of Nanette Lepore, Nicole Miller, Ben Amun, and WALTER all partaking, how's that for some true NY holiday style!

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On thing is for sure it wouldn't be the holidays, especially here in NY, without the fabulous and festive window displays. Bergdorf's, Barneys, Bendel's, Bloomies, and Saks, which are your favorites this year?

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