December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Well it's a wrap!!! Elevating Fashion to New Heights. In the blink of an eye another year passed egged on by innovation and technology.

Technology and fashion are becoming more and more interconnected, beyond our wildest imagination. With that thought in mind here are some of 2014’s key buzz words and topics.

Speed & Innovation: The Cloud 
Cloud computing allows for the sharing of real time information – accessible any time from anywhere. This is having a direct impact on textile manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Anticipating future consumer needs and behavior patterns will become even more imperative.

Crowdsourcing and social media real time data will explode.

Consumers will be approached as individuals.

Personalization will take off.

We will see more community-driven consumer engagement.

We will see an increase in the growth of smart textiles. Think sensor-specific garments measuring all kinds of data being generated by the wearer.

Or fabrics that are continuously adapting – to the more active lifestyles where convenience and comfort rule.

E-commerce retail will continue to evolve.

We will see a spurt in location analytics, shops will evolve to showrooms.

Transparency will continue to impact the industry and the consumer.

Sustainability will continue to evolve and become more and more mainstream engendering a “cool” factor and a significant place in our lifestyles.

3D printing will revolutionize what we make, the way we consume, purchase and sell.


May 2014 be a year filled of inspirational innovations, the exchange of ideas and concepts, passion and an eye clearly pointed to the future.

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Your MBF Team

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