March 13, 2014

The Perfect Match

Technology is finally getting a major style upgrade. While we've been watching the evolution of wearable technology for a while now, it has yet to really make a fashionable statement. However, now we can not only create the impossible but wear it too. Functionality may be key, but if it can look good in the process then what's there to lose?

photo via NY Post

Imagine 3D printed press on nails, a bag you can never misplace, or a sweater that lights up depending on your mood. Well guess what? It's all possible. There is even a new jewelry line that detects sign language and a ring that brings the gestures of a magic wand to life.

photo via NY Times

We've consistently been seeing the evolution of advanced fabrications and smart clothing grace the runway more and more each season. At the most recent Paris collections, Iris van Herpen was the latest designer to experiment by mixing "the artisanal and the technical." Her collection deemed "biopiracy," explored the theme of "owning something you don't" and blended silks with tiny threads of plastic.

video via NBC News

Francesca Rosella of CuteCircuit took an entirely different approach this Fashion Week by giving her models the power to customize their outfits via an iPod. These garments did everything from shimmer to change color and even play videos through the use of micro-LED lights and camouflaging batteries as buttons or clasps.

photo via NY Times

Trackable wristbands are about to be a thing of the past. Tory Burch has teamed up with Fitbit to create a tracker disguised in well-designed pendants. There's also the Shine, an aluminum disc designed by Misfit Wearables that comes with optional necklace and leather band. Surprisingly enough, the wrist isn't exactly the best place to be collecting data since we tend to move it in unpredictable ways so keep an eye out as a new crop of wearable tracking devices emerge in some unexpected places.

photo via Business Insider

Kenneth Cole is one of the first companies to thoroughly incorporate Google Glass into its marketing campaigns. This new initiative invites men to document gentlemanly deeds they perform each day via an app and Google's cutting edge eyewear. Through an omni-channel approach, the 30 year old label is promoting its new men's fragrance across multiple platforms and appealing to a select group of fashion's most innovative.

3D printing and technical fabrics may be the future of technology infused fashion, but this is just the beginning. With the help of bluetooth developments, new fabric innovations, and of course, style worthy developments, we are about to reach a new era where we won't have one without the other. It's looking like fashion and technology just may be the perfect match.

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