April 3, 2014

A Colourful Neighborhood

What used to have a bad reputation for being a dangerous and desolated area throughout the 90's, Bushwick has become a new mecca for graffiti artists and you guessed it, hipsters. While the neighborhood is mostly occupied by families, it has drawn a plethora of young creatives into its low rent, warehouse-turned-loft-space apartments.

With a promise to become the 'The Next Williamsburg' (which is easily deemed the most hipster neighborhood in New York), Bushwick is filled with tons of cafes, bars, restaurants and most importantly, a lot of art. One of the biggest changes for the neighborhood was the creation of The Bushwick Collective, an initiative that has brought street artists from all around the world to use the walls of the area as their canvas. The project, idealized by Joe Ficalora, has given a colorful and artsy atmosphere to the region, attracting even more young artists, photographers, actors, and musicians, among many other freelancers.

Besides the small bodegas and Chinese and Latin restaurants, you will find plenty of cool spots in the area. Bushwick has some great cafes, for example the AP Café, at Troutman Street, with its Zen atmosphere and minimalist design. The cafe has a lovely variety of coffees (both iced and hot), fresh baked goods and is quickly becoming quite a hot spot for locals.

photo via the L magazine

Still on Troutman Street you will find another awesome place, The Rookery. This pub allocated in an industrial space full of the young and trendy, mixes "comfort food with British and West Indian cuisines." With a killer brunch menu, this foodie haven is a perfect stop for a late morning treat.

Then there's the classy and luxurious lounge, Lot 45. This venue has a beautiful front garden with old large armchairs while the interior contrasts vintage furniture with couches and armchairs in different patterns and a touch of ambiance lighting via hanging chandeliers. The lounge hosts a DJ every night from Thursday to Saturday, and offers a variety of beers and liquors, but unfortunately has yet to include food on its menu (crosses fingers). Despite that, Lot 45 is a great spot for your weekend nights, especially during the warmer spring and summer months.

As the industrial realm of Bushwick continues to transform into the next emerging cultural hub of Brooklyn, we recommend you check out some of the hidden gems that the neighborhood has to offer. And if you have any other recommendations please do share below! 

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