September 26, 2013

Best of the Best

Market Week in NY was quite busy this time around, covering the smaller shows first then moving on to the larger ones. After attending Capsule, D&A, and Moda Manhattan, we've handpicked our favorite brands showing Spring/Summer 2014.

photo via Capsule

Overall Capsule had an amazing variety of vendors from menswear and womenswear to knitwear, accessories, lingerie, and even high-end toys! With it's welcoming atmosphere and individual designer booths, the space had a modern earthy feel. Upon entering, we were definitely curious as to what we were going to see this time around.

photo via Wood Wood

Based out of Copenhagen, Wood Wood hopes to slow the pace of their customers' experience by "making their own universe" and rarely exhibiting at trade shows. Not to mention, they only post images of their collections right before launching to ensure exclusivity and anticipation for their clientele. We loved their new line which featured a plethora of varsity inspirations from marble to mineral to crystal inspired prints in mint green, blue, and tan tones.

BPMW Showroom is a multi-label showroom in NY and LA that is also showing at the Berlin Capsule Show. Here we came across Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen which is a fairly large collection but sold at an accessible price point at Anthropologie, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom. Showing it's second season of womenswear, this label incorporates activewear into everyday pieces with their Spring Collection reminiscent of military inspirations, nature based prints, and varsity jackets in a variety of blue tones.

Between the Lower East Side and Shanghai, Baby Ghost is an international three year old label which manufactures as well as produces fabric at their own factories based in China. This season they were inspired by the movie Spring Breakers and incorporated quirky details like hotel towel inspired pieces. Currently they are working with the Chinese retailer, Taobao.

And of course the highlight of the show was Etsy with the launch of their new wholesale site. The entire booth was made to show what the website will look like in real life. The concept is called a "discovery platform" and is an excellent way to help independent designers and boutiques to find each other. "All items are juried to ensure quality and brand-fit. We are looking for designers that exemplify the Etzy ethos" says Senior Program Manager,Vanessa Bertozzi."
Partnering with Nordstrom, this platform gives the designer complete control of the selling/retail process and distribution.

New York is D&A's biggest show with mostly urban and international womenswear and accessory brands carefully curated. The atmosphere was intimate with comfortable areas on each floor to sit and talk including delicious catered food – a perfect setting for a cozy working environment. 

We had a chance to chat and walk the floor with one of the founding partners of the D&A, Barbara Kramer who is definitely a “connector” having a great relationship with every exhibitor and always available and open for communication and changes. We will feature and interview her about the way the connecter works lives and what inspires her – so stay tuned!

photo via Essent'ial

Essent'ial is an Italian company that uses 100% recycled materials and can be credited for making the paper bench cushions seen around the D&A show. The brand began after the creator, who once owned a printing company, wanted to give a new life to all the wasted paper. Some of the pieces are multi-functioning and all of the products made from recycled paper are coated so they can be washed like any other garment. This is their first season making clothes and while they don't sell in any stores in NYC just yet, they can be found at their showroom.

photo via Louiza Babouryan

With a sculptural approach to fashion, Louiza Babouryan explores the relationship between opposing forces through her fluidity and drapery. Made in LA, her Spring 2014 Collection was inspired by the Mediterranean and old communion dresses. With a touch of French Romanticism, she takes white and nude color combinations and mixes them with fabrications of sheer, silk, and linen.

photo via Péro

Péro, which means to wear in Marwari, is the local language of Rajasthan. The label which was launched by Aneeth Arora, is about a mindset that merges international style with local materials and skills and in doing so connects with people from all over the world. What makes this brand so special is that each material passes through the hands of one craftsperson to another linking it to different Indian traditions and culture. Currently the womenswear line is available at ABC Home in New York and a children's wear line will be available soon.

photo via Valia Gabriel

Back in 2009, Valia Gabriel started designing sandals and in 2011 she launched her own signature line. Influenced by Ancient Greece, each pair is handmade on the island of Crete and captures both the comfort and practicality of the brand. Her design approach reflects a minimalist aesthetic and earthy choices of color to create simple and flawlessly beautiful footwear.

photo via Moda Manhattan

Located at the enormous Javits Center, Moda Manhattan was the largest trade show on our circuit and packed with hundreds of vendors from all over the world. Despite the size, it was not overwhelming since the show is split into Moda, Fame and the Accessories Show. We felt lightness throughout the different shows with their well-designed areas to sit, including at times the desperately needed charging stations. The overall mood seemed very positive and the majority of exhibitors felt very well placed within the different shows.

photo via Second Yoga Denim 

Second Yoga Denim is made in Canada and uses high quality denim with a 100% stretch cotton (aka no polyester). With a 94% memory to your body, these jeans have a patented six piece waistband as well as a patented manufacturing technique that only uses the bias to create ultimate stretch. While they are jeans, the brand is confident that with so much stretch that never stretches out you can even do yoga in them, hence the name. If you're feeling intrigued and want to give them a try you can find them at Nordstrom now!

photo via Leota

Designed by Sarah Carson Cloud and made right here in New York, Leota is inspired by the classic Hollywood era and adds glamour to the everyday wardrobes of women across the country. All prints are designed in house and from signature wrap dresses to reversible dresses to night dresses, separates, and accessories, the brand is quickly expanding to produce a versatile range of easy to wear pieces. Their Spring collection is called Birds and Bees and can be found at Nordstrom as soon as this Spring.

To round it up, we feel we got a fantastic rundown of what will be in stores for Spring/Summer 2014 and an accurate confirmation of our seasonal forecast. Not to mention, the brands we have handpicked for you today are at the forefront of innovation and design. Keep an eye and an ear out for these labels as they take the industry by storm and show us their talent and unique approach to the future. 

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