August 1, 2013

NY Trade Show Roundup Fall/Winter 2014-15

As the Fall 2014-15 trade shows approached upon us, we attended the regular circuit, noticing more subtle innovations along the way compared to previous seasons. However, despite, it's definitely crystal clear where fabrics and prints are headed as we move forward.

From imitation furs to heathered and mélange looks, speckled fabrications and even worn in prints that allude to different surface qualities, this time around it was all about tricking the eye with texture! Other highlights included mono-stretch in everything from knits to suiting, double faced fabrics, and sparkly, iridescent yarns in laces, knits, and jacquards. Color-wise, we saw many more solids versus prints, with bright, vibrant hues still proving their potential.

photo via WWD

We kicked off our fabric frenzied week at Texworld. This year, we went on day two of the show and as usual, our first stop was the trend forum. Here we saw an abundance of texture, shimmer, sparkles, lasercuts, and embellishments. In addition, double-facing, matte shades, and imitation fabrics were popping up everywhere. While we didn't see as many prints as usual on display, there was a new range of solid colors that were soft, deep, quiet, and neutralized with some brights as highlights. Overall, the show was rather slow and surprisingly enough, although Texworld is manufacturing focused, we came across many attendees from retail companies.

One of the companies that really stood out was Hi-Tec Industrial Co., LTD based in Taiwan. They had a great selection of checks, houndstooth patterns, and blurred in plush wools, many in two tone combinations. For more information about their products, please contact them at

We also loved how Syrara Ltd. incorporated stripes into their textured designs. Not to mention, many contain a mixture of polyester, rayon, and spandex. So if you're looking for texture, you must email Syrara Ltd. at

For a more feminine feel, Shaoxing Boss Textiles Co., LTD, featured lots of lace with iridescent characteristics as well as lace look-a-like fabrics and antique floral printed laces. They also introduced a new silver fiber that has anti-bacterial deodorant, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, and also regulates body temperature. This new innovation is a great leap forward for the exhibitor, that can be reached via email at

One of our favorite things about the trade show season is catching all the familiar faces at The Kingpins Show in NY. Nothing beats a sense of community, handpicked exhibitors, and a relaxed atmosphere, full of people who are not only "in the know" about denim and casual wear, but really want to be there. The crowd was lively and the space updated with contemporary touches of an outdoor garden combined with antique living room furniture, all with a communal twist, of course. We mentioned it last week briefly in our excerpt on Stoll Knitting and we'll say it again, Europe keep an eye out, because The Kingpins Show is launching in Amsterdam in April 2014!

Unfortunately, we missed The Kingpins after-party, celebrating TRC Candiani Denim's 75th Anniversary with a fabulous denim sculpture cake created by the infamous Cake Boss. The "Made In Italy" label uses recycled water, no harsh chemicals, and garments can eventually be recycled after use. They are also credited for inventing stretch denim with 100% recovery that is both soft and light.

Kipas Denim featured a great selection of imitation denim that is actually woven knits. They come in three different weights and colors, with the interior and exterior in different hues. The fabric is strong, durable, and has excellent growth and recovery, eliminating the fold in the knee.

Over at Protrim, we became familiar with some of the garment processing machines they use in the denim industry. Using a LST laser to replace the finishing stage, a wide array of different visual effects can be produced from destruction to burn foil to ripping. These designs all look exactly the same and are completed in a timely manner. They also sell an assortment of washing machines that use 50-75% less water. So far companies like AG Jeans and Citizens of Humanity are equipped with their products and we suspect many more will come.

photo via PVNY

And of course, our last stop of the week was at PVNY and Directions by Indigo. The main PV space has definitely been growing in exhibitors over the past few seasons, as amenities have moved upstairs to it's sister print show. Indigo now takes up three floors including a barely noticeable trend forum pushed to the back corner on the top floor. According to both suppliers and our own candid eye, it looked as if attendance was definitely up as well as an increase in orders being placed.

photo via PVNY

After a brief visit at the color forum, we headed over to the trend forum which similar to Texworld, lacked in prints. The texture theme continued with worn in looking surfaces and mélange and heathered knits, both slinky and soft or structured and firm. Mono and bi stretches were pretty much universal in everything from knits to wools to suiting. Iridescent sheens, brushed surfaces, and double sided fabrics also caught our eye, and touch for that matter. Menswear influences in the form of stripes, checks, houndstooth, and herringbone paired with darker colors of brownish reds, ruby, dusty blue, navy, and greys from light to dark. The prints we did see had much more of a graphic appeal with either digitized roses, kaleidoscope effects, sketchy plaids, or washed out appearances and paint splotches.

Switching gears to Indigo, we spoke with Melanie Bergwall of Surface Print Source who explained the hot prints this season were sweet plaids with motifs layered on top, conversationals, fruits as in pumpkins, florals with dark grounds, and prints resembling tweeds.

With the help of new technological innovations and simply a desire for newness, texture and the illusion of it continues to grow in demand. We've seen so many prints and bright colors for so long that it's about time we are in for a change. As we evolve, there is becoming less of a separation between the fabrics we wear and our own skin as the touch becomes just as, if not more important than the visual components of our clothing. We are moving into an age where we can create pretty much anything we can think up. With that said, we will continue to keep you up to date on all the latest trends as they reach the industry because the next greatest thing is barely a season away!

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  1. Cool roundup. It looks like your trade shows went really well.


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