April 18, 2013

Do Something

In honor of Earth month, we wanted to take some time out and think about what's really important, the world around us and the people we share it with! Despite all the scandals and fast fashion allegations going on, there are tons of companies, celebrities and new initiatives celebrating our precious planet and trying to make a real difference.

With so many things going on in the world including unstable global economies and countless people in need, giving a hand doesn't necessarily mean what you would conventionally think. Whether it's buying products that have more longevity, donating time and/or money to a cause or building a DIY urban garden, what matters is that you are doing something

photo via Burt's Bees

First off, we bet you have no idea that some of the smaller, sustainable brands you are supporting are actually owned by larger corporations. For instance, Honest Tea is owned by The Coca-Cola Company and Burt's Bees by The Clorox Company, to name a few. These partnerships create a win-win situation as smaller companies gain resources and larger distribution networks and corporations begin to learn the ins and outs of sustainable operations.

In today's workplace, the t-shirt, has taken on a new role of professional acceptance. Ashton Kutcher's e-commerce startup, Pickwick & Weller, strives to design, manufacture, and sell "the perfect t-shirt." This vertically integrated online brand is based in LA and appeals to the modern creative type, by offering an assortment of luxury products made of everything from supima to modal cotton, cashmere, linen and silk. The company even brings the fitting room to your home by sending you t-shirts free of charge so you can find the perfect style for you.

photo via Ecouterre

One of the simplest ways we can be more sustainable is by repairing damages to our own clothing. With this idea in mind, denim label, Self Edge, has launched a vintage hemming and repair studio in San Francisco called Darn It!. The space, which is dedicated to everything denim from tailoring stations to restored vintage sewing machines, provides authentic and quality repairs. From fixing holes without patches to replacing buttons and zippers, all repairs cost a flat rate of $40. We don't know about you, but saving a favorite pair of jeans is priceless and not only for our wallets!

photo via Huffington Post

Two of everyone's favorites, Halle Berry and Michael Kors have teamed up in the fight against hunger with their campaign, Watch Hunger Stop. With this initiative, for every Kors' bestselling Runway watch that sells at $295, 100 meals will be donated to children through the U.N. World Food Programme. Together, the pair plans on visiting some of the places meals will be sent which could include Africa, Syria and perhaps Central America. Halle who just announced the pregnancy of her second child, hopes to educate women on prenatal care and talk to mothers struggling to feed themselves and their children. 

video via Vogue UK

On June 1st, as part of Gucci's Chime for Change, a global concert will take place in London to raise awareness and money for female empowerment. Headlined by none other than Beyoncé with additional performances by Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Izzy, Azalea and Rita Ora, among others, this event calls to bring education, justice and health for girls and women to a worldwide platform. 

So this month, with the onset of warmer temperatures and sunshine, take some time to appreciate your local community and environment. If you happen to be in the NY metro area this weekend, make sure to check out the Green Festival at the Javits Center or celebrate with free live performances, displays and exhibits at Union Square on Sunday. We can't do it all alone, but if we team up to combine our resources, one step at a time, anything is possible. 

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