January 24, 2013

NY Tradeshow Roundup Spring/Summer 2014

Trade show season is officially upon us and with five shows going on here in New York as well as the Bread & Butter in Berlin last week...can we say things got a bit hectic? This was the first season PVNY and BBB fell during the same week causing many to choose between the two major shows.

Texworld was our first stop of the week. Since we attended on the first day (with no other shows overlapping), it wasn't super busy so it was a great way to ease into the spring mindset. Pink tones were predominant from blush to hot pink and even purple shades. Americana influences shined through in both light blues and fire reds as well as in star and stripe prints. Laser cuts were something we saw a lot of but weren't really predominant at any of the other shows we attended. We loved the selection at Universal Textile Mills, an Indian based mill that featured a fresh array of Indian inspired prints and tropical florals. Overall, it was a bit shocking to see so many sequin fabrics and flapper elements lingering from a few seasons ago...so keep your eyes peeled to see how this translates down to the market for next spring!

photo via Deveaux

We're lucky enough to see the first of the PV shows here in NY and while not all the collections were complete, there were definitely some major key trends to note. We were happy to see the first day of the show was bustling with more industry professionals and fabric suppliers than ever. Featured at the Trend Forum was everything from textured jacquards to ombres and blurred effects, indigo blues, spring crepes, sheens, waxed fabrics and of course a plentitude of transparency. On the print front, we were surprised to see such an abundance of African and tribal influences but we loved the updated plaids on sheer fabrications like at Deveaux. Despite it being a little crazed, it seemed to be good for PV to push back a week when all the other shows were happening around town.

photo via Newlife™

One of the main highlights of our week and their second time showing at PV was Newlife™. If you remember, Newlife™ is a collection of high quality polyester yarns made from recycled plastic bottles via a completely non-chemical process. This time around not only has their eco-innovation library grown to include both new collections and applications, but they also introduced Newlife™ light, a cutting-edge ultra fine fibre as well as made their debut into the corporate wear market. In 2012, such big names as Armani, Valentino and Peter Langner have all used Newlife™ in their designs so without a doubt we'll be watching to see what this brand develops next!

While at PV, we of course had to stroll through Indigo NY to get our print on! While downstairs it was all about African inspired prints, we were super happy to see beading influences from India take surface. Again, we saw plenty of digital printing as well as Asian inspired watercolors and geometrics mostly in bright colors. We spent a lot of our time at Catherine B Designs who exhibited immaculate beaded designs as well as pretty much any type of print you could imagine, from tribal to geometrics to florals, animal, etc.

Last, but certainly not least, we stopped by The Kingpins Show to check out the latest denim and casual wear innovations hitting the market for next spring. As usual, it was a very relaxed environment to network, discuss industry related topics and trend spot. Here we saw tons of faded flower and rose prints, plastic-like coatings, recycled pieced together styles and metallic painted denim like at Artistic Denim Mills. ADM is definitely a leader in the industry and is now using promodal, a new tencel and modal fiber combo developed by Lenzing which counteracts stiffness. Not to mention, lightweight boyfriend denim was the highlight in women's wear and the distressed and paint infused "Artist Look" at Kaltex made a major splash onto the scene. This show was definitely another high point to our trade show circuit and exhibited the most cutting-edge innovations in the market so if you haven't been yet, do make an effort to attend next season!

photo via Kaltex

Overall, as we've predicted, while bright colors are still predominant, we are definitely beginning to see a strong shift towards neutrals like black, white and nude tones. This remains true for everything except the denim market which is expected to have a 50-50 split between color and blue hues for spring 2014. Digital prints are thriving but tribal, animal prints, stripes and roses continue to linger from seasons passed. We begin to see a shift towards the mixing of different patterns and a combination of sheers with plaids, which reflects updated 90's grunge influences from the runway. All in all, our hopes are high for next spring and as always we will continue to keep you updated on what's to come!

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