August 2, 2012

MBF Salon at the Kingpins NY Roundup

Well our new platform, the MBF Salon at the Kingpins NY, was a success! Not only did our invitees love the intimate, interactive format, but it was a very informational gathering where professionals could connect with others from various backgrounds and distinct points of view. Quoting one of our invitees, Mariely Estella, a designer at Rocawear, " is all about the experience and savvy consumers and I felt this seminar represented exactly that."

Our guests, Josh Castell of Blabbermouth Media, Ernest Sabine of Ernest Alexander, Mike Radparvar of Holstee, and Paige Boggs of Treasure & Bond (all from diverse backgrounds themselves), did a fabulous job communicating their thoughts, experiences, and insights that not only stimulated conversation, but inspired us all!

Whether our topics of discussion were digital media, the changing retail landscape, or Generation Y, our conversations seemed to return to the same key concepts – honesty, trust, having an interesting backstory, experimenting with new concepts, creating an authentic experience, and learning to edit and let things go. We picked the topics of our Salon to provide an overview of current and future trends and we believe these concepts not only represent the new consumer, but the demands of our present mindset, as well as the future of our industry.

Since the Salon was brought to you by the Kingpins NY Tradeshow, we'd like to point out the most innovative fabric suppliers that were there!

At the Kingpins NY, we saw a lot of colors including neon, brights, and jewel tones that were not only on exteriors, but interiors as well with double face features. Tie dye, florals, and Baroque motif prints were everywhere, printed on corduroy and denim as seen at the Golden Win Group.

Metallic sheens in silver and gold and leather like coatings updated traditional matte finishes were featured at Central Fabrics. Dark indigo shades made a huge presence with super stretch and highly durable qualities. Overall, the trends that we saw very much confirmed our predictions for Fall/Winter 2013-14.

One of our favorite suppliers was Kaltex which produces in the Americas as well as participates in many other green practices like eliminating wastewater pollution, recovering and reusing chemicals, and a zero-solid waste disposal policy, among many other things.

photo via Cordura

Cordura Fabric Denim is all about durability, versatility, and reliability. The denim is made out of Invista's T420 fiber that is engineered to be blended with cotton and cellulose fibers to produce garments that are comfortable, authentic, and feel like traditional denim, but with long lasting durable effects. Now that's tough.

photo via triMirror

At The Continuum Show, which is held in conjunction with the Kingpins Show and was recently featured in an article by WWD, we would like to highlight triMirror, a virtual fitting room technology system. Basically, with this software, users develop their own avatar that is equivalent to their actual body shape and measurements. This technology gives users the opportunity to not only see how clothing looks but how it fits and behaves when moving in real time.

video via DA.AI Technology

We also loved DA.AI Technology, a global eco-friendly brand that produces textiles made of recycled PET bottles. Not to mention, all products from DA.AI can be traced back to their origins as raw materials. As you can see, this company is full of love and ready to spread it to the world!  
Just like our guest, Paige Boggs from Treasure & Bond said, "You have to be in the now, the tomorrow, the next step." We will keep you informed about where the MBF Salon is headed next. In the meantime, please check out our Facebook page for pictures from prep to the finished Salon. And stay tuned for our video in the makes that we'll be posting soon!!!

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