June 21, 2012

MBF Salon – Where like-minded people come to exchange knowledge through conversation. Join us at these stimulating gatherings this summer at Kingpins NYC, July 2012.

MBF Salon at Kingpins NY -- NYC July 24 – 25th.

MBF Trend Consulting will host a series of gatherings at the MBF Salon — a platform for the free flow of conversation from industry-leaders and colleagues.

The spirit of these salon gatherings -- 45-minutes in length with no more than 16 participants -- a unique coterie of professionals — is the exchange of ideas, concepts and inspirations — in a relaxed environment resulting in thought-provoking discussions.

Each gathering — three-a-day — will be focused on a specific subject matter — under the umbrella of … A Look at the Bigger Picture – a Broad Perspective.

Our gatherings include a “who’s who” list of guests to include Blabbermouth’s Josh Castell, Hostee’s Michael Radparvar, and Ernest Sabine of Ernest Alexander, amongst others.

To view the full schedule please click here.

For more information email contact@mbf-trend-consulting.com.

Additionally MBF Salon will include a Trend Forum display of the exhibitors’ most innovative fabrics for Fall / Winter 2013-14 and MBF’s Key Colours for Fall/Winter 2013-14.

Our program will also include:
  • Season’s Key Trends (Fall/Winter 2013-14) to include juxtaposition of Denim/Casual Market.
  • Overview of Berlin’s Fashion Week July 2012 (Spring/Summer 2013 ***a link to download a digital version of the presentation will be shared with the attendees post-Gathering.


  1. Sounds interesting. Will you post comments post-event?

  2. Look forward to this event. It sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing.


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