May 3, 2012

May MBF Picks

We’ve discussed before how we are constantly exposed to an overwhelming amount of “noise” via both on and offline platforms. However, despite this overload of information, what would our world be like without it? Well, completely silent. So for our May MBF Picks, we'd like to spread some positive noise and highlight our favorite mixed medium, music.

From the gym to the workplace to our daily commutes to simply relaxing at home, music is a critical aspect in our everyday lives. Due to it’s universal access via the internet, it's everywhere we go and in everything we do. As the lines between different industries continue to disappear, the ability to create more meaningful experiences through innovative concepts and technological savviness creates distinct lifestyles out of mediums that were once merely outlets of expression. For instance, the onset of YouTube, reality television competitions, and hip musical series like Glee, have created new approaches to making, playing, and enjoying music.

For some, like Chef Jess Schenker of the hot West Village spot, Recette, if there is one rule of his kitchen, it’s don’t interrupt an impromptu air guitar. Music is the “secret ingredient” to not only the way he cooks, but also the way he lives. Sometimes it’s actually about turning up the “noise” in order to concentrate and create. For Baohaus’ Eddie Huang, his dedication to authentic hip hop is exhibited not only in his house party ambient restaurant but in his hiring process as well. With this said, it’s easy to see how industry distinctions are fading as professionals take one creation from a particular medium and use it to experiment and inspire another.

photo via WWD

As Burberry launches its new unisex eyewear collection for Spring, the fashion label is definitely feeling a melody as it promotes a campaign featuring four up-and-coming British musicians. Artists Marika Hackman, One Night Only, Life in Film, and The Daydream club were specifically selected by Christopher Bailey himself to record exclusive tracks for the British fashion house as well as offer live performances at Burberry events around the world. What a stylish way to bring music from the ears to the eyes and in a variety of new, lightweight shapes and colors too!

photo via Fashion Indie

We can't talk about music without at least mentioning two of the world's leading female artists, Lady Gaga and Madonna. So who and what will they be wearing for their upcoming tours? Lady Gaga will be dressed in Giorgio Armani and because more may just be more when it comes to this pop star, her costumes will be adorned in studs, spikes, latex, and Swarovski crystals. More details of her wardrobe include gloves with mirrored nails as well as a bodice made of plexiglas guitars. Meanwhile, both Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci will create costumes for Madonna who is looking to expand her Truth or Dare beauty line to include nail polish and body spray.

photo via Elle

Speaking of women in music, the most recent issue of Elle featured ten of the most iconic female artists who are currently influencing the scene. From Kelly Clarkson to Lana Del Rey to Shirley Manson, Patti Smith, and of course Whitney Houston, among others, these ladies are not only talented musicians, but celebrated style icons and empowering role models. Looking at these women and their accomplishments, each and every one of them has made a mark for themselves in their own way through their own platform whether it be through American Idol, Youtube, as a 90's grunge vocalist, "Godmother of Punk," or gospel mega-voice. Speaking of mega-voice, Glee did an all-Whitney episode last week paying tribute to her unforgettable vocals and incredible presence as the superstar's death paralleled with the cast dealing with graduation and the angst of growing up. The episode featured such hits as Whitney's "So Emotional," "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)," and "How Will I Know," among others.

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The music industry has reached a whole new level of innovation as the world's first shoppable music video is available here. The Montreal e-commerce site, Ssense, has partnered with Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea, where music/shopping enthusiasts alike can right click directly onto the video to shop the looks featured. Music videos that once saturated channels such as MTV and VH1, have now moved past Youtube to an entire other interactive platform that truly blends both the music and fashion industries. What will be next?

video via youtube

So who is listening to new music and picking up on these trends first? According to the Times, Atlanta seems to be the leader in both hip-hop and overall music trends while on the European front, Oslo is the frontrunner. We bet these weren't your first guesses! Now looking at the indie scene, both Montreal and Paris are keeping things alternative which is a bit more predictable. With a major surge in music festivals around the country (Coachella, Lollapalooza, SXSW, Bonnaroo, Electric Zoo, etc) as well as the incorporation of technology into live performance like the Tupac hologram at Coachella, we are sure this will change over the next few years.

video via The Great Apes

Right here in NYC we have our very own, Battle of the Boroughs, where emerging bands from Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan compete. The ultimate battle is June 29th and we will be there cheering on Queens' finalists, The Great Apes so come join us! May the best Borough win!

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