March 1, 2012

March MBF Favorite Picks

About six months ago, we discussed in our September MBF Favorite Picks, how natives are returning back to their homeland of Brazil. While about 30 new luxury brands including Fendi and Prada are expected to expand into this financially booming market over the next two years, we begin to see a counter effect as many Brazilian brands and influences begin to spread outward into international territory.

photo via NY Times

Miami, also playfully known as the South American capital in North America, has become a major vacation hotspot for Brazilian investment as they snatch up everything from real estate to clothes, jewelry, cars, you name it. As Southern Florida continues to prosper as a top getaway locale, many Floridians are nonetheless eagerly riding out on this wave of cash flow. Not only are Portuguese speaking employees in high demand at shopping malls but Brazilian food is making a reputation in the restaurant industry as native chains like Giraffas sweep across the city. 

New York, another popular city high in Brazilian tourism, is also getting sprinkled with some South American flare. Just in time for spring, the Brazilian footwear company, Melissa, known for its candy colored plastic shoes opened its first store outside of Sao Paulo in SoHo last month. The store with a very psychedelic design consisting of white walls and neon lighting displays shoes on white pedestals from collaborations with designers such as Vivienne Westwood to Gareth Pugh and Jason Wu. At an affordable price point of $100-$200, fun concept, and not to mention made out of 100% recyclable PVC, we'll be watching this shop to see where it plans on walking next!

photo via WWD

Not only is SoHo getting some South American culture, but midtown as well. In May, following its annual flower show, Macy's plans to launch it's "Magical Journey to Brasil," a two month long promotion focusing on the most talked about country right now. According to Macy's executive vice president of marketing Martine Reardon, "Almost every single one of our 800 stores will have something Brazil-related." The department store maven will feature Brazilian design in the areas of fashion, home, beauty, menswear, accessories and art. With a design aesthetic consisting of bright hues and bold prints, these capsule collections will definitely embody the heart of Brazilian design and culture. As Macy's continually seeks to go international, will the success of this promotion lead to future cultural collections from around the world possibly tapping into the likes of Europe and Asia? We will see!

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A few weeks ago, F*Hits, an online platform featuring 25 carefully selected Brazilian bloggers, ventured to London to report on all things fashion week including an exclusive tour of the Louis Vuitton Maison on Bond Street, meet and greets with designers, and numerous exhibitions and galleries. F*Hits was launched in January 2011 by Alice Ferraz and now includes F*Hits SHOPS, an ecommerce site where F*Hits bloggers style and model clothing from Brazilian designers like Lita Mortari and Martha Medeiros. Not only does this concept produce feedback from each bloggers' following but stimulates purchases because according to Ferraz herself, "Women want to see other women like themselves wearing these clothes." We couldn't agree more!

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While everyone eagerly tries to tap into the Brazilian market, we suspect the Brazilian craze will nonetheless keep surfacing up around the world as their economy continues to flourish. Today we would like to leave you with some insider tips (and a quirky video) on the culture we are all so interested to access!

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