October 27, 2011

Haute Halloween Trends

It goes without saying that everything from movies to news to celebrity scandals from the past year inspires an onset of new, unconventional Halloween costumes. The latest newsflash you ask? Well, this year your typical cowgirl or vampire just won’t do! Get creative and push the limits because this is your chance to play pretend for just one night!

Still in need of a last minute costume revelation? Well we here at MBF Trend Consulting have some tips on the trendiest and most innovative costumes out there this Halloween.

photo via partycity.com

Lady Gaga
Not only the queen of the airwaves but the perfect costume goddess, Lady Gaga is an easy fix to any last minute Halloween crisis. Time to go platinum with a bleached blonde wig and sky-high shoes! Don’t forget the glitter and avant-garde mask and you’re ready to perform! Check out full costume ideas or create your own version of Gaga herself with accessories galore here!

Score some major points and dress up in one of the hottest costumes this year has to offer, Angry Birds. Be a colorful, flightless bird and slingshot your way into costume. Choose from birds in red, yellow, or black! Hurry and play the game soon before time runs out!

While last year it was all about the vampire, this year thanks to the comic book turned television series, Walking Dead, zombies have resurrected. Not only is it easy to play dead, but super affordable too! Get in the ghoul spirit and haunt the night away for some fresh flesh.

photo via partycity.com

A very steam punk Halloween seems to be all the rage this season as the past and the future unite!  Think a savvy Sherlock Holmes and combine Victorian fashion with some charming gadgets and dash of attitude. Get original and invent your own gadgets and gimmicks by pairing a lace up corset with goggles and a top hat for a bit of feminine flair!

Get ready to feel like royalty! What better way to play pretend than as a prince and princess? The top couples costume of 2011 is by no surprise, William and Kate! Recreate the wedding of the century and celebrate yourself first hand. 

photo via buycostumes.com

Pan Am Flight Attendant
With a new television series in flight, the hit show, Pan Am is definitely drawing some inspiration from up in the clouds. With the legendary stewardess uniform, Pan Am bag, and little white gloves, it’s a fun take on the 1960’s with a hint of espionage. Click here to chose from a few different styles of stewardess chic!

photo via amazon.com

Wild Things
Go wild and DIY by creating an animalistic inspired costume! Take your everyday dog and cat and transform into a fierce tiger or ferocious wolf! Or, go a bit lighthearted and dress up as a plush kangaroo, wobbly penguin, or foxy fox!

With less than a few days away, don’t let this spooky day creep up on you! We’d love to see what great costume ideas you’ve put together! Feel free to send us photos and comments!

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  1. Loved the costumes. Naturally, I chose Lady GaGa...though I
    would slice the neckline more in the direction of the navel. Navels
    have always been unrespected considering the life and death role they
    played for lots of months. Before they were sort of left just being
    a dumb dimple-hole, that is. Poor navels


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