January 4, 2011

Remembering 2010 and Looking Forward to 2011...

Happy New Years! We can't believe it's already 2011- it feels like 2010 just flew right past us! (I guess it feels that way every year, doesn't it?) Before we kick off the year with the top five fashion/retail news to look forward to in 2011, we take a walk down memory lane and bring you the Top 5 Best and Tragic Fashion/Retail Industry Moments of 2010.

Whether it made you laugh, cry, or downright angry, we're sure that everything on this list was definitely something memorable. As we reflect on the memories of 2010, we are reminded of all of the accomplishments and milestones that were only just a year ago.

So without further delay...

Starting with the Best of 2010:

photo via: NOWNESS.com
1. Fashion's Digital Revolution
2010 was the year of digital fashion. This year brought in some of the best fashion filmsnew online social media platforms, and truly innovative online shopping experiences. We highlighted many of them this past year, and are excited to see what the following year holds. This is really just the beginning!

photo via: Warby Parker
2. Fashionably Socially-Responsible
"Buy one, give one" was a common motto for 2010. Many companies have adopted the well-received philosophy of TOMS, and began their own business ventures, selling everything from ties to eyeglasses, donating one of their products to charity for each one purchased. This was definitely one of our favorite trends of the year.

photo via: Fashionista (source: Harpers Bazaar UK)
3. Tom Ford Returns
2010's greatest designer comeback was Tom Ford. Known for sweeping off everyone's feet when he reinvented big-name labels like Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford made an even more grand and glamourous return with his own-label collection earlier last year. With a closed-doors show with a stellar cast including Beyonce, Daphne Guinness, Chanel Iman, and Julianne Moore, his debut was the most anticipated show of the season. And to make things even better, Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of French Vogue and Tom Ford's muse and stylist since the early 90's, is rumored to once again collaborate with the designer. Welcome back Mr. Ford!

photo via: Youtube
4. Burberry
2010 was absolutely the year for Burberry. Starting off the year with their specially staged 3D runway show event live in New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, and Los Angeles, the brand made a dramatic global comeback. As the first to create a truly global fashion show, Burberry was a pioneer in developing the marriage of fashion and technology. To follow up, they also launched the first ever groundbreaking 3D online advertisement, paving the way for the fashion industry in developing remarkably innovative ad campaigns. Their achievements, of course, went above and beyond their technological developments as we can't stop obsessing over all of the shearling jackets and military coats inspired from their last fall collection. Excellent work Christopher Bailey!

photo via: Fashionista
5. Editorials
For most in the magazine industry, 2010 was a tough year as many faced financial bankruptcy and an end to their paper goods while the digital world gained much momentum. However, a few managed to rise above and beyond and create some of the best, most extraordinary work we have ever seen. A perfect example of how pressure can often lead to greatness, take a look at Fashionista's pick of the best magazine editorials of 2010!

And now for the tragedies...

photo via: NY Times
1. Alexander McQueen's Last Farewell
On February 11, 2010, the world mourned the sudden and tragic loss of fashion's modern-day genius, Alexander McQueen. Based in Britain, but influential all over the world, McQueen left a permanent mark in the fashion community, and will always be remembered.

photo via: GreenPacks
2. H&M and Walmart's Big Mistake
Although they are heavily marketing their new sustainable practices and collections, H&M and Walmart began the year with a huge mistake, where news was revealed that the two chain stores dumped dozens of garbage bags filled with unneeded merchandise. Preventing anyone from keeping them, the clothes were destroyed with holes and sliced pieces.

3. Abercrombie & Fitch Opens in Japan
In December 2009, American casual luxury brand, Abercrombie & Fitch, better known for it's topless male employees and heavily perfumed retail stores, opened their first flagship store in Tokyo. However, instead of trying to relate to the Japanese audience, A&F pursued an intensely American retail and marketing strategy, clashing with the Japanese culture in every possible way. Everything about the store was completely rejected by the country, making this case the perfect example of what not to do when expanding oversees.

photo via: Styleite
4. Manhattan's Bedbug Problem
What do Macy's, Abercrombie, Hollister, Bloomingdales, Nike, and Victoria's Secret all have in common? Well, this past year, Manhattan had a bit of a bed bug problem, and it affected all six of these retail companies. Disappointing their would-be eager shoppers and making all of Manhattan a little bit itchy about stepping in, this was not one of the greatest memories here in NYC.

photo via: Huffington Post
5. Lady Gaga's Meat Dress
Yes, yes, we know Lady Gaga is known to wear super outlandish outfits that never make sense, but the dress she wore at the last MTV Video Music Awards quite literally made us speechless. Covered head-to-toe in raw meat, this fleshy number is clearly an outfit to remember (and not in a good way)!

That's it for our top ten best and worst moments of 2010, but we can't wait all of the exciting things to look forward to this coming year. To conclude this post, we summarize a short list of some of the most promising in the fashion/retail industry:

photo via: NY Times

1. Yves Saint Laurent: New Vintage III
Stefano Pilati of YSL and Julie Gilhart, former fashion director of Barneys New York, new initiative "New Vintage" is revealed this year in limited, numbered editions. Made from recycled fabric and existing patterns, the collection is meant to start a dialogue with the market using known codes and a common language that are reassuring and familiar, states Pilati. Educating the public about acting consciously toward its environment while wearing one of YSL's most designs is absolutely fabulous.

photo via: NY Times

2. New Fashion Line Accompanying Car on Comeback Road 
2011's must-have fashion accessory is not a purse or pair of shades, but a car. The iconic Lotus Esprit makes a comeback, and it's here in full-force with an all-out luxury brand, which includes three separate men's and women's clothing lines, a style magazine, and a concept store in London. The Esprit is scheduled to return to showrooms in 2013, and is remembered for it's appearance in classic films like "The Spy Who Loved Me," "For Your Eyes Only," "Pretty Women," and "Basic Instinct."

3. Moda Operandi
We said fashion was barely touching the surfaces of digital technology and the Internet, so we're excited to announce the next big thing for E-fashion: Moda Operandi. This exclusive site promises it's hand-selected group of customers the ability to order directly from designers each season, within 48 hours of the runway show. Members will order with a 50% deposit, and the designs are expected to be delivered to your door in roughly four months. With the option to return clothes that don't fit or otherwise unsatisfactory, Moda Operandi is the latest attempt to end the six-month lag fashion designers typically face before their runway looks arrive in mainstream stores. Already, the site claims to collaborate with about 50 designers and will start offering four women's collections a year: spring, resort, fall, and pre-fall. This brings a whole new meaning to "fast fashion."

photo via: NY Times
4. Diane Von Furstenberg Goes to China
A globe-trotting fashion mogul, it only makes sense that Diane Von Furstenberg's New Year's resolution  is to get known in China. And to start, she is preparing for a coming retrospective in Beijing, "Journey of a Dress." Featuring some of her sketches, designs, and trademark prints, as well as original portraits created by her celebrity friends like Andy Warhol, Frencesco Clemente, and Francesco Scavullo, this art show is expected to be one of the most lavish events she will be hosting out in the far East.

photo via: Ecouterre

5. Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2011
Ecouterre asked 27 eco-fashion movers and shakers to offer their forecasts for the year ahead. Discover what these amazing people are doing and see what they have to say for the future of fashion!

And lastly, don't forget to make your New Year's Resolutions -- it's never too late! Fashion designers have their list of to-do's too! Click here and get inspired! Happy 2011!


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