November 11, 2010

Green, Green, Everywhere...

MBF Trend Consulting's very own Creative Director and Founding Partner Manuela Fassbender was interviewed by 4FashionAdvice where she gave her view on the future of fashion which lies in eco and sustainable design. Here at MBF we believe in sustaianable fashion with more, as Fassbender says, "transparency, honesty, integrity." 

It seems that everyone these days is trying to go green with varying intentions. 
image source: nyt
The New York Times reported that in San Francisco they recently passed the country's first Healthy Nail Salon Recognition ordinance, now the city must publicly identify nail salons that use products with harmful chemicals. On the heels of this, Kim Pham has opened the Nova Nail Spa one of the first 'green' nail salons in San Francisco. Pham grew concerned about the harmful effects the chemicals in polishes and top coats she was using could have on her health; prompting her to use environmentally friendly products like 'vegan' polish and organic lotions. She says the appeal of an eco salon is that "healthy is different for the customer." Here at MBF we wonder just how much an 'eco' mani-pedi goes for?

image source: stella show management 
While green salons are born from genuine concern for one's health, not everyone has such pure green intentions. We spied this morning an ad for The Pier Antique Show and Fashion Alley, which is coming to New York's Pier 94 this weekend, which markets the show as: "Hot Shopping That's All Green & All Recycled." The organizers for this show are using people's growing concern for the environment to not only manipulate their interest but also their wallets. They even go as far, on their website, to call antiques "Luxury Recycling" and calling you to "buy vintage" in order to "go green." 

From nail salons to antique markets and fashion, it's easy to see sustainability is on everyone's mind. Read more of Manuela's thoughts on eco-fashion and the rest of her interview here.

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