April 15, 2010

Under Our Radar...

As there are hundreds of new, emerging designers every year, it's only the best of the best that can manage to stay on top and stand out amongst the crowd. Some find themselves famous over night with an instant cult-like following, while others remain under the radar for several years before becoming a household name. Today, we've compiled a listed a few of our favorite designers, who seem to be unshaken by the economic downslide and have continued to remain faithful in their unique fashion sensibility and passion for great design. So without any further delay, here are our top five picks!

Isabel Marant Fall 2010 via: Style.com

1. Although she has only recently generated a buzz in the states, Isabel Marant is no newcomer of the fashion scene. Since her debut in '94, she has had a loyal fan base of stylists, fashion editors, and models who can't get enough of her clothes for it's casual-cool designs that remain stylish beyond it's season. Now with her debut store that just opened in Soho and online sales via Net-a-Porter, it is only a matter of time till she becomes the world's next "It" designer, if not already.

Bodkin via: Refinery 29

2. Using unconventional materials like Himalayan wild nettle-blend fabric and seaweed-blend shirting, Bodkin fashions sustainability like none other. Founded by designer Wendy Mullun and Eviana Hartman, a former features editor at NYLON and fashion writer of Vogue and Teen Vogue, the pair are known for merging the latest technologies with sustainable practices to create truly, unique and stylish pieces for the downtown girl. And now with the 2009 Ecco Domani Sustainble Design Award under their belt, and collections that have only gotten stronger every year, this eco-conscious brand is sure to make way into every trend-setting girl's wardrobe.

The Row Fall 2010 via: Style.com

3. Famous since childbirth, the Olsen twins are not your average fashion designers. But despite the wary trend of celebrities-turning-into-wannabe-designers (remember Lindsay Lohan's collection for Ungaro?), their 3-year old brand, The Row, is credible for it's mature and refined taste that has received approving nods from the fashion industry. Their latest fall winter collection features 19 looks, entirely black, navy, and white. As fashion-icons, the Olsen twins' distinct style and strong dedication to their brand offers a New York City look that satisfies those who seek understated elegance with a slightly edgy twist.

Prabal Gurung for Fall 2010 via: Style.com

4. After his role as chief designer at Bill Blass, Prabal Gurung debuted his first signature label for Fall 2009 at New York Fashion Week. Having only premiered three collections thus far, his career is off to a great start with Demi Moore as his number one fan, and Oprah Winfrey wearing one of his creations on the cover of O magazine. Earlier this year, Gurung was also awarded $25,000 by Ecco Domani for his Fall 2010 presentation. And not much later, the CFDA Fashion Incubator nominated him as one of twelve New York designers to receive a two-year lease on a design studio space with subsidized, below-market rental rates. Known for his hard work ethic and already with a huge support of celebrities and fashion insiders alike, Gurung's quickly-found success is just the beginning.

Edun's Pre-Fall 2010 Lookbook via: Refinery 29

5. Although Edun, Ali Hewson and husband Bono's socially conscious label, is no new emerging brand, it is in the process of revamping itself as it is now under LVMH's wing. Having took a 49 percent stake in the company earlier this year, they recently hired Sharon Wauchob as the new creative director and is expected to have a runway show for Spring 2011. This is the first for any major fashion conglomerate to take part in the ethical fashion market, and we have no doubt that under LVMH's reign, Edun will bring a stronger, positive presence to the fashion scene.

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