February 25, 2010


                  still from Lily donaldson's Flying Hair via: Nowness

We live in a time where ideas are constantly being thrown around from all sorts of places and angles. Living in a global society, the Internet has become the central hub for ideas to be communicated, shared, and evolved. LVMH has grasped this concept and recently launched a luxury lifestyle site, NOWNESS, where new content is shared daily by the most respected and innovative creatives working today. 

A place to be inspired, NOWNESS introduces the latest and best of fashion, art, culture, and travel in digital form. With interactive capabilities and user-friendly interface, its allows viewers to engage with the site as it then tailors the content to the viewer's specific interest. With it's "Love/Don't Love" feature, they are also able to directly gauge consumer reaction to products and ideas, setting up a new system of user testing and gathering information. 

Although NOWNESS is a brand of the luxury group, LVMH, the content is editorially independent and the NOWNESS international team collaborates with any creative individuals and brands. As content is the most important focus of the site, there is yet to be any revenue model. But as the site grows, it expects interest from advertisers. 

Because much of luxury is about tradition, the luxury market has always been a bit slow in adapting to online media. But NOWNESS has taken the leap as it experiments with new capabilities and sharing of ideas through the Internet. While it's approach is relevant to today's society, it remains faithful to the luxury lifestyle with it's forward-thinking approach to creativity and innovation. The concept of NOWNESS is not a completely new idea, but an evolution of what has been happening in social media such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. 

We live in a time where it is crucial for luxury brands to re-strategize and re-market themselves in order to stay on top of today's technologically advanced society. The power of the Internet is becoming increasingly important as it is continually being explored and expanded. We are eager to see how NOWNESS develops and differs itself from today's never-ending list of online editorial sites. But we also expect that this trend of online presence will continue to grow as other brands imitate with similar concepts. 
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