December 7, 2009

Noko Update

Noko Jeans planned to launch their sales this past Friday at the PUB department store in Stockholm. However, the store's manager, Rene Stephansen, stated he were unaware of the North Korean-made designer jeans and pulled them out of their stock as soon as he was informed, saying the store wanted to avoid possible controversy of having ties with the communist nation. Noko jeans were planned to be sold at Aplace, a retail space within the department store. A representative of Aplace stated that this decision was "a bit cowardly" but understood Stephansen's point of view.

Because of these complications, the launch was delayed up until today. Aplace will still carry the jeans, but only through their online store. And if you can't find any left there, you can also get them on the Noko website.

Although PUB pulled out the jeans to avoid possible controversies, we suspect that this act may have done the opposite and ignited a spark.

via: New York Times
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