April 8, 2009

News flash: Openings and closings

The tab for Topshop's opening bonanza last week, rife with celebrities, cocktail parties in-store and at The Box, and two nights of dinners at Balthazar, is estimated at a hefty $1.8 million (and please, did they count the cost of construction -- including moving stairways around -- on that huge space, not to mention renting it for over a year without selling anything?). A much-needed infusion into the New York economy, for sure. And they're not the only new kids on the block: French chain Zadig et Voltaire is officially opening their Meatpacking District shop, and -- any day now! -- Derek Lam is opening a surprisingly huge store in Soho, designed by star Japanese architects SANAA. 

Meanwhile, restoring our faith somewhat in the taste of the American public, Kira Plastinina's last sparkly, pink US store closed last month after the Russian teen's company declared bankruptcy in January, an event reduced to a footnote in a Forbes article about how US customers are choosing H&M and Zara over Gap and Ann Taylor. Sorry, Forbes, but that's not how it works; we seriously doubt that 40-something professional women have suddenly decided they'd like to stop wearing their preppy weekend basics and conservative suits, and stepping out in an XXXL shirt and comfy sneakers, as H&M recommends this spring. Not mentioned in the article was Liz Claiborne, currently resurgent on the charm and design skills of Isaac Mizrahi; let's face it, folks, it's just not all doom and gloom out there.

Photo via WWD

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