February 11, 2009

News flash: Making it work, part 2

It's amazing how a little recession can foster a whole lot of creativity. Halston, it seems, has followed the trend we remarked on in our Holiday Bytes 2008, and created a video (pictured) instead of a runway show. Several young London designers, including Modernist and Antoni & Alison, are forgoing the runway for more budget-friendly presentation formats. And while mass-market chains are axing their spin-offs right and left, young New York designers are, in WWD's words, "invigorated by the challenging economy" -- rising to the occasion by paring down lines, skipping PV Paris, and discovering new ways to create their vision at a lower price point. Meanwhile, in Stockholm, new designers are pairing with graphic design and photography students to create splashy billboards to promote their brands. Yes they can!

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