November 11, 2008

Txell Miras (Barcelona)

A graduate of Barcelona's Llotja Arts School and Milan's Domus Academy, Txell Miras certainly hasn't taken the obvious path to fashion stardom. Yet she has quietly assembled an admirable résumé, winning the Onward Tokyo Grand Prix fashion award the year she graduated from Domus, and designing Neil Barrett's womenswear line since 2003. Her layered, experimental style is darker than the usual playful Spanish fare, with black-on-black constructed looks showing off her subtle mixes of fabric and texture, and her conceptual art background serves as a jumping-off point for wearable musings on... well... it's hard to tell what, but she claims Kafka, Duchamp, and Bergman as her inspirations. Perhaps "The Fly" inspired the greenish-black metallic fabrics from fall/winter 2008, but frankly, the clothes are strong enough to stand on their own without a concept to lean on.

Via Surface; photos via Txell Miras

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